Gymnopilus aeruginosus magic mushrooms

Gymnopilus Aeruginosus Magic Mushrooms

Gymnopilus aeruginosus: Background

Gymnopilus aeruginosus magic mushrooms were defined by Rolf Singer in 1951.

Gymnopilus aeruginosus: Habitat

Gymnopilus aeruginosus magic mushrooms can be found growing in dense patches on dead wood including stumps, logs and woodchip mulch most commonly in the Pacific Northwest. It’s also been found in Tennessee, Georgia, Japan, and Korea and is known to grow in the spring, fall and winter.

Gymnopilus aeruginosus: Taxonomy/Naming



Species Name


Sub Species


Common Name

Magic Blue Gym

Gymnopilus aeruginosus: Physical Description


The cap is convex and can become almost planar with age. Colouration is variable and can display patches of blueish-green, pink, and deep red. Scales are reddish and become dark brown with maturation


Gills are crowded and yellow-orange in colouration. Attachment to the stem can range from fully attached to narrowly attached, and gills may be rough on the edges.

Spore Print

Rusty orange



Stems can grow up to 12cm in length and is a similar colour to the cap. Medium thickness and more or less equal in structure.

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