Navigated Tripping: Ferdi Uuldriks

Navigated Tripping: Ferdi Uuldriks

Ferdi Uuldriks runs Navigated Tripping, a holistic counselling service in the Netherlands offering legally guided psilocybin experiences, integration and counselling. Frshminds had the opportunity to sit down with Ferdi to learn about their approach to psilocybin and tripsitting.

What inspired you to start a psychedelic practice/business?

Psychedelics have played an important role when it came to my healing. For a long time, I could have never envisioned what I do now. It started as an experimental phase in my life, which led to it being a tool for healing myself and others.

At the time, I never imagined there would ever be an option to start such a practice, but early last year, my wife came across an article that showed me otherwise.  Since then, I started honing my skillset, knowledge and professional training to pursue this as a future-proof practice. It is the perfect culmination of my former and current formal training and education mixed with my journey.

Can you give me an overview of what you do, how you do it, and the services you provide?

Navigated Tripping is a Holistic coaching method that aims to help people find a positive way forward. I offer coaching remotely worldwide or in person within the Netherlands. I combine empirically proven methods with current research to provide my clients with a comprehensive approach to reclaiming their ownership regarding their mental and physical health and their general lives.

What I do not do is facilitate my clients in taking psychedelics. Within the Netherlands, some psychedelics, including psilocybin truffles, are legally sold in specialized shops. Anyone aged 18+ can go into one of these shops and buy, among others, psilocybin truffles. Some of my clients chose to take psilocybin truffles during a coaching session. I can help them make informed decisions regarding their safety and how psychedelics might contribute to their desired coaching goals.

My coaching method can include a psychedelic journey or microdosing, but it does not have to. It’s centred around a holistic view and how such an approach can help people change their human experience. Other topics I check with my clients include gut health, diet, exercise, mindfulness, and other aspects where they experience problems. The method largely depends on my client’s wants, needs, and safety. If the client wants to incorporate a psychedelic experience, I can help with preparing and integrating the experience, and if the client wants, I can also be there during their psychedelic experience.

Can you describe your process? Usually, there’s some sort of intake process, preparation, ceremony, integration, etc. How does it work with your practice/business exactly?

It all starts with an intake. During a free, one-to-one and a half-hour session, I take my time to get to know my clients and see if what I offer aligns with their goals. If my clients want to include a psychedelic experience, we check all the basics regarding their safety and see if there is a match between us.

After an intake, the client and I determine what type of plan fits them, and we tailor a coaching plan for their specific needs. This can mean a certain number of coaching sessions, a psychedelic session or a coach with a microdosing schedule.

The client remains in control of the process at all times, but depending on their progression, I might suggest certain things. It’s all about offering the right tools at the right time for them to progress.  If a client chooses to incorporate a psychedelic experience in their plan, I can help prepare them for the experience so it may be more in line with what they seek. If needed, I can offer guidance/coaching during the experience. And always work with my clients on integration after a psychedelic experience.

What would you say makes what you offer unique?

My formal training and educational background may set me apart from other providers. It allows me to use proven coaching methods and a possible psychedelic experience effectively. This allows my clients to incorporate a psychedelic experience more effectively as a tool within a larger process of self-improvement.

If you could tell a prospective client one story about an amazing transformation you saw as a result of the work you do, what would it be?

Honestly, I would tell them it’s not about the amazing transformation of someone else. It’s about their potential for transformation. It’s easy to look at other people’s transformations and wish we could achieve the same. But we need to focus on our possibilities and obstacles. And I would do my best to enable them to see their potential for transformation and offer them the right tools and steps to achieve this.

What are the important factors people should consider when seeking help/guidance from a practitioner/business like you (e.g., screening, safety, certifications, diets, etc.)?

For starters, always ensure you are 100% at ease with the person you are considering hiring. Their presence can be a strong influence during your experience, and you need to be able to fully put your trust, health and safety in their hands. Listen to your intuition when it comes to this. This is why I feel there should be at least some form of option to get to know them before you must commit.

Ensure you understand the risks and are informed about contra-indication, like medical background, mental health issues and medication. Try to inform yourself, as much as possible, about dangerous combinations of medication and foods. Any good practitioner should check this with you; if they don’t, that’s a red flag. But it’s always good to know beforehand what they should be checking. A good practitioner emphasizes your safety and your health. Make sure that yours does so as well.

How do you see the role of psychedelics evolving within the larger healthcare landscape? How do you see your practice/business fitting in that future state?

Already the larger healthcare landscape is opening up to the possibility of psychedelics. But the union of classical healthcare with psychedelics will take time and adjusting from healthcare workers, healthcare systems and governments. This process seems to have started but will take years to run its course fully.

I’m working hard to ensure I fit within this process of chance, and I’m gearing up to have my practice fit within the rule-riddles reality of the Dutch Healthcare system. It will likely be another couple of years before it becomes a reality, but I am working hard to be ready for it when it does.

I hope we can see an integration of practices like mine within the healthcare system that does not jeopardize this work’s effectiveness, safety and possible spiritual nature. While also offering people safe, responsible, accessible, affordable, and quality-controlled methods of undertaking these experiences. Hopefully, with full coverage of health insurance.

But this union between worlds needs to be actively worked on, especially by those who offer these services, to ensure the focus remains on the people and their results instead of the ‘bottom line.’

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