Marcel van der Putten: Triptherapie

Marcel van der Putten: Triptherapie

Marcel van der Putten, is the founder of Triptherapie, a company that provides tripsitting services in the Netherlands.  With a background in biochemistry, Marcel has devoted years to studying nutrition, sports, herbal medicine, and general well-being.


Marcel has undertaken numerous personal trips, using them to explore and understand the therapeutic potential of psychedelics. His insights from these journeys include understanding the nature of wealth, the importance of connection, and the power of acceptance. Marcel has found that psychedelics can help deal with loss and shift perspectives on life.

After gaining substantial knowledge and experience with psychedelics, particularly magic truffles, Marcel began integrating them into his approach to coaching, eventually establishing a holistic program called Trip Therapy. Marcel’s specialty lies in understanding depression and negative self-images at a cellular level, utilizing this knowledge to help his clients break free from their negative spirals.

Approach To Care

Marcel’s approach involves gathering medical data to understand if his clients lack certain substances and advising on nutrition, supplements, herbs, exercise, and lifestyle as necessary. During trip sessions, Marcel combines talk therapy with experiential elements, such as music, light, herbs, and aromatherapy. With his gentle guidance, clients can explore their psychedelic experiences in a safe and nurturing environment.

His approach includes enhancing safety, promoting health, balancing neurochemistry, and preparing individuals for their journeys. Marcel also organizes group events, ensuring the right group size, personal space, experienced guidance, appropriate dosage, introspective music, and healthful food and drinks. Post-ceremony integration support is also available.

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