Leigh Bergin

Leigh Bergin is building a career as a psychotherapist with a firm belief in the power of psychedelics to support his patient's growth and development. He holds a Masters degree in psychology. He is currently based in Spain and loves writing, chatting or debating about the merits of psychedelics.

Magic Mushrooms For Pain

Magic Mushrooms For Pain Relief

“Have you ever considered using magic mushrooms for pain relief?”

Research investigating the therapeutic utility of psychedelics is in the midst of a long-awaited and eagerly anticipated second wave.

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Can Psilocybin Help With Pain - what does the research say.

Can Psilocybin Help With Pain?

After being expelled from the medical lexicon half a century ago, we now starting to answer the question, “Can psilocybin help with pain?”

Find out just how the current research answers this question on Frshminds.

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