Are Psychedelics Legal in Colombia?

Are Psychedelics Legal in Colombia?

Curious if Ayahuasca is legal in Colombia? What about Psilocybin?

Wondering which, if any drugs are decriminalized in Colombia?

Frshminds take a dive into Colombia’s drug laws so you can make the most educated decision possible when researching psychedelic retreats in Colombia.*

Is Ayahuasca legal in Colombia?

As Ayahuasca is a traditional indigenous practice in Colombia, its use isn’t illegal. Having said that, it isn’t a legally recognized medicine either, so while Colombia doesn’t regulate Ayahuasca plants/ingredients, it regulates the retreats. Some have been shut down for operating without proper licenses and some shamans have even been arrested.

The main chemical component of Ayahuasca, DMT, is classified as Schedule 1 by the United Nations 1971 Convention on Psychotropic Substances.

Given the novelty of Ayahuasca tourism in Colombia, it is somewhat controversial and is not without its share of risks, namely that indigenous practices are being taken over by less-than-savory types, looking to capitalize on recent trends in mental wellness when it comes to psychedelics.

*Disclaimer: Please be aware that information found on Frshminds is based on the best available sources, but is in no way a substitute for proper legal advice. We offer no guarantee that this information is accurate.

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