Psanctuary is a Constitutional Church and a faith-based organization located in Louisville, Kentucky. Founded by Eric Osborne, this grounded and nature-centered retreat offers a unique approach to spirituality through the consumption of psilocybin-containing mushrooms. The organization believes that communion with these mushrooms brings individuals closer to a pure consciousness, which is seen as the Ineffable Source of Creation and a catalyst for health and well-being. Eric Osborne, the founder of Psanctuary, embarked on a personal journey with psychedelics over ten years ago. After gaining significant experience and feeling competent, he was inspired to support others in their own psychedelic experiences. With over 3000 doses of psilocybin administered, Osborne is passionate about the potential of psychedelics to expand consciousness, facilitate healing, and promote spiritual growth and trauma recovery. His extensive experience and belief in the power of psychedelics led him to establish Psanctuary. Psanctuary thrives as a communal setting for psychedelic healing and spiritual exploration. Unlike clinical or medical environments, Psanctuary offers a community of practitioners who share their wisdom and experiences with sacred mushrooms. The members of this community have a deep personal relationship with psychedelics, making their guidance and support invaluable. By embracing the communal aspect, Psanctuary aims to create a transformative and sustainable environment for lifelong personal growth. Osborne envisions a future where psychedelics play a significant role in spiritual practice and reshape religious culture globally. As research continues to demonstrate the healing benefits of psychedelics, the mystical experience they offer becomes essential. Consequently, Osborne believes that the healthcare landscape may not be the ideal long-term container for sustainable psychedelic practice. Expensive medical retreats and clinical administration may limit accessibility and hinder personal growth. Psanctuary strives to provide an alternative by integrating psychedelics into a spiritual framework that promotes holistic well-being and personal development. By combining the profound experiences facilitated by sacred mushrooms with a supportive community, Psanctuary aims to offer a transformative retreat centered around consciousness expansion and spiritual growth.


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