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Healing Ceremonies Costa Rica invites you to the lovely hills of Escazu, outside of San Jose, for a 5 day psychedelic retreat. We do not offer ‘traditional’ retreats. We prioritize individual needs ranging from spiritual, to therapeutic, and/or financial. We create custom experiences and strive to prepare every aspect your trip here. We are located in close proximity to the international airport, so we meet you at the airport. We help arrange your lodging, and can even design a detailed, personalized diet for you. Spending time with us may only be a portion of your journey. Costa Rica is spectacular, with tons to see and do and we imagine you will take full advantage of what the country has to offer.

We work with several plant medicines. These include Bufo/5-MeO-DMT, which launches you on an awe inspiring, cosmic journey that relieves PTSD, anxiety, depression and other mental health ailments. For others, bufo blows the mind, spirit and soul wide open, into ever expanding realms of personal growth and introspection. Your journey with us starts 2 3 weeks prior to your arrival. A successful journey includes preparation of your mind, body and spirit beforehand. Our well-trained and expert psychedelic psychotherapist may recommend a mix of traditional and alternative modalities to you. These depend on your personal needs and response. Your journey continues once you return home. We continue working with you to aid and assist you during your integration period, as you acclimate to a newfound expansion of consciousness and recalibrate your life.

Our retreat is unique in that it allows participants to experience the healing and transformative power of five entheogenic medicines in an intensive personalized retreat.

In addition we do not run a traditional retreat center with its accompanying overhead, passing on the savings to the retreat participants who can choose accommodations and activities to fit their budget. The sessions are held in a safe and fully appointed ceremony space at the home of the medicine guide and transport is provided to and from the sessions.

The medicines consist of three main substances:

  • Bufo Alvarius
  • 5 Meo Dmt,
  • Changa DMT and Kambo

We also use two supporting ones, Rapé snuff, and Sananga eye drops that help in grounding and cleansing the body in preparation for the main medicines.

As each retreat is personalized, the combination of medicines and timing is set according to the specific needs and desires of the participant. There is no “one size fits all” approach. If there is a need to work on addiction issues or physical ailments for example, up to three Kambo sessions are recommended. Or else if there is a calling to have a deeper immersion in Bufo Alvarius, several sessions can be held successively.

The medicines have been combined so that over a period of several days, the participant gradually quiets their mind and prepares their physical and emotional bodies as they engage in and explore the other-worldly experience that these magical substances provide.

Especially when preparing for Bufo Alvarius which is so intense and potentially transformative. Having sat with the medicines for several days significantly enhances the experience.

Our purpose and guiding philosophy is that the best way to engage and benefit from these master medicines is to sit with them as much as possible. The more you use each medicine, the deeper your experience becomes the next time around. There is no set protocol – each person must learn to tap their intuition, follow their heart and be willing to experiment on this path.

At our center, our goal is to give each participant a very concentrated experience of these powerful medicines in a short period of time and at an affordable price.


  • Our retreats are private and personalized so are adapted precisely to each person's needs.
  • The mix of medicines complement each other and gradually prepare the participant to receive all the Bufo Alvarius has to offer.
  • The retreat is an intensive in which the participant can experience five medicines in a short period of time. This makes it possible for people with busy lives and schedules to maximize their immersion in this therapy.
  • We do not run a traditional retreat center and pass the savings on to the visitors.

Our Processes

Our medicines are all ethically sourced, of the highest quality and the doses are widely recognized safe doses for each specific substance. All the medicines come from Mexico and Brazil and the Changa is made by our Medicine guide according to a unique formula developed by him.

Intake and Screening Process

Our pre-screening process consists of any number of online meetings as required to insure compatibility with the retreat format and medicines. These include:

  • Reason for participating,
  • History with entheogenics,
  • Medical/psychological issues
  • Prescription medicines used
  • Fully understanding and accepting the special dynamics of our retreat format and medicines offered.

Preparation Process

The preparation process consists of the following elements:

  • Setting an intention: This is not like setting a goal for an exercise routine, rather it is to approach the medicines with humility and gratitude asking for their assistance and grace in our healing and spiritual journey
  • Preparing the physical body: Without going to extremes and using common sense, nourishing and purifying the body as best as one can, refraining from substances that can interfere in fully experiencing the medicine’s benefits.
  • Preparing the Mental Body: Using affirmations, breath work and other techniques to quiet the mind and dissolve fear and fears that can create resistance to the medicines.
  • Preparing the Emotional Body: The medicines work at a depth far beyond that which regular therapy and language can access. They impact our emotions especially, so it is important to give ourselves permission to express whatever the body requires.



The ceremony begins with a purification of our energy field using aromatic Copal incense along with an invocation of gratitude. Following that, they sit with the Medicine Guide and some time is spent discussing the intake process for all the medicines that will be used during the ceremony and answering questions. The ceremony itself is very much “hands off” in which the participant is given the sacred space to deeply engage with the medicine without interference. As up to three medicines are experienced in one ceremony, they take as long as required to move through each one. The guide and assistant will always be present if needed and accompany the process with music, Tibetan bowls and soft drumming.

After the ceremony the participant is given the time to sit quietly or engage in conversation and enjoy a cup of tea as they come back to their normal state.

We are also “hands-off” during the ceremonies. The experience is between the participant and the medicine; we are there only to facilitate the engagement and provide for the safety and sacred space of the participant.


Our retreat philosophy is one of encouraging personal empowerment throughout the medicine experience. We live in a culture firmly fixated in the mental realm and the rigid unconscious programs that keep us trapped in stress and fear.

The power of entheogenic medicines lies in their ability to take us out of the mental sphere and open us to a new form of expressing and learning to listen to our heart and intuition. The medicines give this to us through beautiful, transformative, and very real experiences far beyond the realm of talk therapy.

The challenge lies in learning how to maintain that “heart-mind” flow after the retreat. What we have found is that the integration process is different for every person. For example, if someone has been engaged in spiritual practice and is a meditation or breathwork practitioner, there will be a more natural and intuitive connection to the required integration process. In those cases, the process arises from within. But if a person is just starting on the path and needs more structured support, a coaching routine can be of enormous help.

Our policy is therefore one of fully empowering each participant through their medicine experience so they can decide and pursue the integration path on their own. We steer away from placing the power on the guide, rather we focus on creating a safe space, helping them prepare physically and emotionally, and providing the purest medicines in the correct dose. The medicine does the rest including opening their heart to intuitively deciding the best way to integrate after the retreat is over. If they decide that they need additional coaching support we will happily suggest a compassionate and experienced coach. We make it your choice rather than by default deciding for them what process to follow.


We do not provide accommodations or food. Rather we supply a list of very comfortable and safe nearby Airbnb’s in various price ranges for any budget. There are supermarkets nearby and a wide selection of food delivery services to choose the right type of food for every need.

We can also provide information on nearby services such as bodyworkers, gyms, and so forth to make for a very comfortable stay during the retreat.


Day 1 :


Which costs are included in the retreat price?

  • All ceremonies

Which costs are excluded from the retreat price?

  • Accommodations
  • Food
  • Airfare and airport transfer.


What is your cancellation and refund policy?

We are very flexible in our cancellation and refund policy. If for whatever reason a person has to cancel they will be refunded 100% up to the day before the start of the retreat.

Do you provide transportation to the retreat?

We provide transport from their Airbnb.

What procedures do you have in place to manage medical emergencies?

With first aid material
Nearest medical center is Hospital Cima


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Healing Ceremonies Costa Rica 5 Day Psychedelic Retreat
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