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Join Melanie on a transformative journey to rediscover your divine light at the Divine Light Integration Psychedelic Retreat in Castlegar, British Columbia, Canada. With over thirty years of experience in various Spiritual and Personal Growth Modalities, Melanie intuitively holds space for others on their healing journeys. She empowers you to challenge your thoughts and beliefs by providing a safe and non-judgmental space to work with plant medicines. Here you can learn how to work with a wide range of approaches to healing, including a variety of psychedelic medicines such as psilocybin, 5-MeO-DMT, MDMA, and more.

Heal at Divine Light 5-meo-dmt and psilocybin retreat in Castlegar, British Colombia
Heal at Divine Light 5-meo-dmt and psilocybin retreat in Castlegar, British Colombia.

Through customized plans and the integration of new habits, Melanie empowers you to succeed on your terms. Experience the transformative power of self-love and discover your true self with Melanie as your guide on this inspiring journey.

With thirty-plus years of experience as an Addiction Recovery and Psycho-Spiritual Integration Coach, Yoga Instructor, and certified Death Doula, Melanie combines her background to guide clients in healing themselves. Having survived abuse and Trauma, Melanie understands the courage to heal core wounds and break old patterns. With her empathic approach, she supports those dealing with PTSD, OCD, Anxiety, and depression. Embracing healthier coping mechanisms paves the way to a more joyful life.

Melanie empowers you to succeed on your terms through customized plans and integrating new habits. Experience the transformative power of self-love and discover your true self with Melanie as your guide on this inspiring journey.


  • One-on-one focus
  • Private residence surrounded by the stunning forests of the BC Kootenays
  • Safe, compassionate & nonjudgmental container
  •  Focused on radical self-responsibility, self-love & acceptance
  • Immersive experience tailored to meet you where you are at
  • Devoted to supporting you on your healing journey
  • Spiritual guidance & mentorship
  • Organic handmade meals
  • Time spent hiking through nature to waterfalls & beaches.

Our Processes

Substance sourcing

Medicines are locally & ethically source.

Intake / Prescreening Process

The container begins with a free discovery call & then 2 – 90 min preparation calls. There is a screening form, a medical form and a waiver to sign.


  • During our discovery call, we begin the process of getting to know one another. Are we a good fit? How may I be of service to you? Cultivating the set and setting begins here.
  • We discuss your intentions & hone in on what is true for you and what brings you to this experience.
  • What is no longer serving your highest purpose? What are you ready to release? The journey of stepping out of your comfort zone starts here.
  • We begin the exploration of uncovering what you might expect from a one on one retreat and customize an experience that is unique to your personal journey. We discuss the medicines, dosages and what you might experience in a psychedelic ceremony.
  • There is also time spent on setting you up for success upon your return to your everyday life outside of this container and what it means to integrate your experience.


  • All ceremonies are one on one, with the option of one other person to hold space.
  • Your safety and well being are always top priority.
  • In your ceremony, I meet you where you are at.
  • I offer some ceremonial details to the experience, some grounding & breath work techniques as well as a small Chakra meditation combined with the use of crystals if interested.
  • Dosages & protocols are all discussed beforehand. Weather permitting they are held out in nature in a private space.


  • Integration is ongoing during the retreat itself as this is an immersive experience.
  • This is where we begin unpacking the psychedelic experience.
  • What rose up for you during the experience? What are your main teachings received and how to begin integrating them into the present moment.
  • We remain connected to your intention and how it relates to your experience.
  • There are three – 90 minute integration sessions post retreat included in this container to continue the journey of integration, unfolding, releasing & creating lasting change.


  • Transportation to & from local airport
  • Private Mountain setting with views
  • Ample parking
  • Private bedroom
  • Hammock
  • Option of tent to be closer to Nature
  • Fire pit


Which costs are included in the retreat price?

  • All Ceremonies

Which costs are excluded from the retreat price?

  • Airfare
  • Travel Insurance


What is your cancellation and refund policy?

50% deposit upon first preparation call paid by transfer, PayPal or cash. Remaining 50% upon arrival to the retreat. 48 hour full refund. After 48 hours 50% deposit is non refundable.

How do you calculate dosage of plant medicine and substances?

Lots of discussion around any possible contraindications, sensitivity, medical background, psychological history, intentions & intuition
I encourage you to listen to what feels right for you after offering education and all options available.
IMPORTANT: For your and our safety, participants who have a personal or family history of psychosis, epilepsy, schizophrenia and bipolarity are not candidates for this retreat. If you use any drugs for mental illnesses or heart diseases , you must disclose in advance.

What is not included in the cost of your services?

Airbnb if required
Additional customizable services available such as:
– Massage
– Acupuncture
– Sound Healing
– Art Therapy


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Divine Light Integration

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