Beyond Limits Love – Women’s Sacred Medicine Retreat

3 Days


Beyond Limits Love Psilocybin Retreat in Smyrna, Georgia welcomes all to immerse in a tranquil and transformative ambiance. This exquisite healing place, uses a holistic, multi-faceted, therapeutic approach. Led by an experienced, medicine woman and art coach for over a decade, the retreat serves as a refuge. Anyone seeking to reignite their intuition, post-traumatic growth and wisdom embodiment will find a home here. Bolstered by a background in complex life resilience, our experienced and compassionate team administers personalized therapy. Our therapeutic model allows inner-self exploration that leads to soul awakening, profound healing, and an unveiling of true Self.

Some scenery at public room at Beyond Limits Love Psilocybin Retreat in Smyrna, Georgia
Night scenery at public room at Beyond Limits Love Psilocybin Retreat in Smyrna, Georgia

Beyond Limits Love Psilocybin Retreat employs a one-of-a-kind therapeutic experience. We integrate expressive art and psychedelic therapies granting visitors a chance to engage with their consciousness on previously undiscovered levels. We feature soothing, aesthetically pleasing settings that enhance all journeys.

Private massage room at Beyond Limits Love Psilocybin Retreat in Smyrna, Georgia

We provide participants with comprehensive integration support. This includes resources, guidance, and integration care to ensure sustainable transformation. We promote community and connection through group sessions and workshops. Guests partake in locally sourced psilocybin ceremonies. Psilocybin is a psychedelic fungi known for its capacity to promote spiritual exploration, personal growth, and expanded awareness. Prepare to bring the profound magic that lies within you out of hibernation at Beyond Limits Love Psilocybin Retreat in Smyrna, Georgia.

Outside view at the main building at Beyond Limits Love Psilocybin Retreat in Smyrna, Georgia
Outside view at the main building at Beyond Limits Love Psilocybin Retreat in Smyrna, Georgia

In the realm of infinite possibilities, where consciousness intertwines with artistry and healing, you will find me—a beacon of light, a spiritual healer, an expressive art coach, and a skilled medicine woman. Welcome to my world, where the ethereal and the tangible merge, inviting you to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, deep healing, and profound connection.

For over a decade I’ve been dedicated to supporting highly sensitive people to reconnect to their intuition, heal their root traumas, and embody their wisdom. My multi dimensional approach to healing and growth is informed by personal experience overcoming Bulimia after 16 years. I’ve also transformed chronic anxiety and depression stemming from complex childhood PTSD, chronic illness, intergenerational trauma, and the unique challenges that emerge from being an empathic person. This journey led me to wade through the layers of my personal underworld and rebirth myself with greater compassion and love for myself and others.

In my presence, you will find a gentle soul, a compassionate guide, and a kindred spirit. I am a mirror, reflecting your innermost beauty and wisdom back to you, encouraging you to step into your authentic power and embrace the fullness of your being. Together, we will dance on the precipice of the unknown, exploring the depths of existence, and awakening to the profound magic that lies within and without.


  • Immersive and Tranquil Environments: Beyond Limits Expressive Arts Therapy LLC offers stunning and thoughtfully designed spaces that immerse visitors in a tranquil and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere. From soothing colors and lighting to carefully selected artwork and nature-inspired elements, the environment enhances the therapeutic experience, providing a sense of calm, comfort, and safety.
  • Holistic Integration of Therapeutic Modalities: Marisa seamlessly integrates expressive art and psychedelic therapies, creating a unique and transformative experience for visitors. By combining these modalities, visitors have the opportunity to explore their inner selves through both creative expression and altered states of consciousness, facilitating deep insights, healing, and personal growth.
  • Expert and Compassionate Staff: Marisa's background in somatic trauma therapy and nervous system regulation informs her compassionate multi dimensional healing programs. She creates a warm and nourishing environment, ensuring that visitors feel supported and guided throughout their therapeutic journey. She possesses a deep understanding of the modalities used and is skilled at tailoring the experience to each individual's needs.
  • Customized and Personalized Approach: Beyond Limits Expressive Arts Therapy LLC recognizes that every individual is unique. Marisa offers a personalized approach to therapy. Visitors receive thorough assessments and consultations to identify their specific goals and needs. The therapeutic sessions are then tailored to meet those requirements, allowing visitors to explore their inner world and address their unique challenges, fostering long-lasting transformations.
  • Integration Support and Follow-up Care: Marisa understands the importance of integration and provides comprehensive support and follow-up care to visitors after their therapy sessions. This includes providing resources, guidance, and follow-up consultations to help individuals integrate the insights and experiences gained during therapy into their daily lives. The goal is to ensure that the transformative effects of the therapy extend beyond the session and positively impact visitors for years to come.
  • Community and Connection: Marisa recognizes the power of community and fosters a sense of connection among visitors. She organizes workshops, group sessions, and community events that allow individuals to connect with like-minded people, share experiences, and continue their growth journey together. This sense of belonging and support further enhances the overall experience and leaves a lasting impression on visitors, creating a community of individuals who continue to support each other even after therapy.

Our Processes

Substance sourcing

I source my medicines locally in Georgia and also from Denver from a trusted source who has been growing the medicine for over 20 years. For centuries, psilocybin has captivated human curiosity and expanded our understanding of consciousness. Rooted in ancient cultures and rituals, this remarkable compound, found in certain species of mushrooms, has been used throughout history as a conduit to spiritual exploration and self-discovery. Rediscovered by modern science in the mid-20th century, psilocybin continues to unveil its profound potential for healing, personal growth, and unlocking the depths of the human mind. Its captivating journey through time has left an indelible mark on the human quest for understanding and connection with the mysteries of our own consciousness.

Each medicine is blessed and prayed over. I also do not work with clients currently on SSRI’s or MAOI’s (for long journeys) so there is no risk of serotonin syndrome.

Intake / Prescreening Process

I have a liability waiver that the client signs as well as an in depth CLIENT INTAKE FORM

Music studio at Beyond Limits Love Psilocybin Retreat in Smyrna, Georgia
The music studio at Beyond Limits Love Psilocybin Retreat in Smyrna, Georgia


I offer 2 hours of in-person or remote preparation therapy sessions with each purchase of a full dose journey. For more than two sessions, they can be purchased a la carte. I offer a 2-hour integrative healing session including Reiki energy work and non-linear movement to help the body and energy field come into harmony before a full dose journey.


Preparation for some healing process at Beyond Limits Love Psilocybin Retreat in Smyrna, Georgia
The preparation for some healing process at Beyond Limits Love Psilocybin Retreat in Smyrna, Georgia



Relaxing ceremonial room at Beyond Limits Love Psilocybin Retreat in Smyrna, Georgia
Relaxing ceremonial room at Beyond Limits Love Psilocybin Retreat in Smyrna, Georgia
  • Inward Journey and Altered States of Consciousness: After taking psilocybin, my clients may experience a shift in perception, expanded awareness, and a heightened sense of connection with themselves, others, and the universe. They may encounter visuals, vivid imagery, and a sense of entering different realms of consciousness. If they are taking MDMA, they will feel a sense of heart opening and an ability to talk about and to their traumatized selves for deeper inner child work and authentic expression.
  • Emotional Release and Catharsis: Clients may revisit past memories or traumas, allowing suppressed emotions to surface. This can lead to intense emotional states, such as grief, fear, or joy. With my loving support, clients are encouraged to embrace and explore these emotions, fostering healing and growth. During the journey, I transcribe the client’s experience in real-time and make note of any important realizations.
  • Insight and Self-Reflection: Clients may gain clarity about their purpose, values, and the underlying causes of their challenges. This heightened self-reflection can lead to a deeper understanding of oneself and foster personal growth.
  • Connection and Transcendence: Many individuals report a sense of interconnectedness and unity with the world and others during a psilocybin ceremony. Clients may experience a dissolution of ego boundaries and a profound sense of oneness with nature, the universe, or a higher power. This feeling of transcendence can bring about a deep sense of peace, love, and interconnectedness that can be transformative and profoundly spiritual.
  • Integration and Support: After the ceremony, clients engage in integration practices to make meaning of their experiences and incorporate the insights gained into their daily lives. This may involve discussions, journaling, therapy sessions, and weekly integration circles with me over Zoom and over the Signal app for peer to peer support. Ongoing support is provided to help clients integrate their experiences and continue their personal growth journey.


Preparation of ceremonial tools at Beyond Limits Love Psilocybin Retreat in Smyrna, Georgia
Preparation of ceremonial tools at Beyond Limits Love Psilocybin Retreat in Smyrna, Georgia

I offer two hours of in-person or remote integration therapy sessions with each purchase of a full dose journey. I also offer integration packages of 6 sessions at a time for a discounted rate.


  • The retreat space includes a large great room ceremony space that can hold up to 15 people.
  • Relaxing bedroom
  • There is one private room with a half bathroom, one private room with a shared bathroom, a dormitory style room with 6 beds and a shared bathroom, and one more bedroom downstairs that has a shared bathroom.
  • Dinning room
  • I can comfortably sleep 8 guests upstairs and one downstairs, with the option for clients to also sleep in the ceremony space.
  • Awesome comfort room
  • The guests are housed in the main building and there is an outdoor shower as well as 3.5 bathrooms inside the house.
  • The house backs up to the Silver Comet Trail which is a paved biking and walking trail that is 65 miles long.
  • The retreat house also has a large deck and private backyard located in a cul de sac.
  • Guests are also able to camp in the backyard as well.
  • The common areas are the kitchen, ceremony space, dining room and outside areas.


Which costs are included in the retreat price?

  • All Ceremonies

Which costs are excluded from the retreat price?

  • Airfare
  • Travel Insurance


What is your cancellation and refund policy?

I have the client sign a liability form and waiver which says:

I understand the fee for a retreat style Ceremony is XXX and a full day ceremony is XXX not including the cost of energy work/body work and food. Balance is due prior to arrival. A XXX deposit is due upon committing to a Ceremony to hold my dates. Rescheduling is possible in the case of serious illness, accident, or death of a loved one. You may reschedule once as long as you are providing notice more than 14 days from the date of your journey. Cancellations made less than 30 days from the journey date will forfeit the XXX deposit. There are no refunds if the experience is not what I expected but is delivered as promised.

How do you calculate dosage of plant medicine and substances?

I consult with each client individually and assess, based on their experience with psychedelics and their mental, emotional and psychological state what would be appropriate. I also take into consideration whether they have recently come off of an SSRI. The dosage is also based on how resourced the client is to emotionally and somatically handle difficulties, should they come up.

What is not included in the cost of your services?

Individual Day Journeys do not include food or transportation costs or sleeping accommodations. They include the ceremony, medicine, as well as preparation and integration meetings + group support calls +Signal chat group

Retreat Style Journeys : do not include food or transportation costs- does include 2 night’s stay + ceremony, medicine and prep & integration +group support calls + Signal chat group

Group Journeys: Include Food, 2 night’s of accommodations, ceremony, group activities, group support calls weekly, Signal group support chat, prep and integration meetings. They do not include transportation costs.

How do guests get to your retreat and/or place of business?

My clients can fly into the Atlanta Hartsfield Airport and take an Uber to my house in Smyrna, GA. The airport is about 15 miles from my house, or a 30 min drive.


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Beyond Limits Love – Women’s Sacred Medicine Retreat

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