Beckley Retreats – Jamaica 6 Day Psilocybin Retreat

6 Days


Beckley Retreats invites you for a transformational 6 day Psilocybin retreat in Trelawny, Jamaica. Located at the Good Hope Center, which comes with multiple swimming pools, expansive communal spaces, mountain views, intricate decoration and access to a river and private beach, it is the ideal environment for a spiritual journey. We strive to provide our visitors with the utmost care and attention, so we provide preparation and integration courses before and after our ceremony retreat. Furthermore, we ask you to complete a screening form to determine mental and physical suitability.

By combining the wisdom of traditional medicine with contemporary scientific knowledge, our program offers an optimal understanding of the psychedelic experience. We will use breathwork, meditation and yoga to shed external layers and lighten our vibration. This make the psychedelic experience more profound and brings one closer to the sensations of the mind, body and soul.

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There are multiple room types available, all come with air-conditioning.


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Beckley Retreats – Jamaica 6 Day Psilocybin Retreat
From $4,800
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