Acsauhaya 3 Day Ayahuasca Retreat

3 Days


Acsauhaya’s Center of Consciousness invites you for a 3 day Ayahuasca retreat in Arnhem, The Netherlands. We are experienced in delivering the opportunity for a transformational experience. Our team boasts over 20 years of plant medicine wisdom. Our expertise has been gained via hands-on, immersive experience working with a wide range of indigenous people, culturally rooted in the medicinal use of fungi.

We have safely guided countless participants worldwide. We have witnessed profound evolutions. Whether it is healing, transformation, personal development, or life communion, we are blessed to have experienced all of it.

We have created a unique experience that fits within our modern Western context while honoring ancestral traditions. We have achieved this by combining contemporary therapeutic, psychedelic science with our experience and inspiration from ancient wisdom. Our center extends a safe, legal, and extensive transformational program to you. From intake to re-integration, you will find wholeness within a comfortable and loving, healing habitat.

Shurandy, our ceremonial leader, has Amazonian roots, as deep as his DNA, that embed the sacred knowledge of the plant medicine. With hundreds of psilocybin ceremonies all over Europe under his belt, (many in conjunction with our ceremonial colleague Barin Mane), Shurandy’s work has healed people worldwide. Shurandy’s personal experience with plant medicines, in addition to the help, support, and guidance he’s shared with participants he has worked with, has taught him the real meaning of unconditional love. No matter what life people have led, the essence of oneness is always felt when holding space with them.

Our retreats are designed to help you become more aware of your own thoughts and choices, to break down old habits and patterns that taint your reality and how you perceive the world around you. Come join us and rediscover your true self.

We attempt to maintain a ratio of 5 staff members to 10 participants during retreats.

Our retreat center is located near the city called “Arnhem” in the Netherlands.  The nearest train station is located in the smaller city called “Doetinchem” in the Netherlands and we are also able to pick you up from there.

If you are planning to travel by plane, please take a flight to the Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam. From there you are able to easily get a train ride to “Doetinchem” (approx. 2 hours train drive).

It is also possible to drive by car and park at our retreat center.

Shurandy, Shaman at Acsauhaya Psilocybin Retreat near Amsterdam, Netherlands
Our shaman, Shurandy.


  • Small group retreats with maximum 10 participants
  • Very experienced team of facilitators and guides to make you feel comfortable, safe and welcome
  • Live music (professional harp player, shamanic drum, sansula etc.)
  • Vegetarian chef, who prepares a healthy diet
  • Comfortable accommodation (shared rooms) in our renovated Dutch farm house in nature
  • Retreat Support Program including an integration toolkit and free video-calls after your retreat

Our Processes

Intake and Screening Process

  • Filling out our questionnaire (for clarification of medical and health aspects)
  • Personal video or phone call, to clarify all of your questions and to give you a feeling about us and about this special inner journey
  • If you take medications, then clarification if medicaments are combinable with psilocybin

Preparation Process

At first, we inform our participants about our dietary guidelines and the preparation by phone. After that, we send detailed information to the participants by email. Additional phone calls and support are possible before the retreat.


Ceremonial Bed at Acsauhaya Psilocybin Retreat near Amsterdam, Netherlands
Your ceremonial bed.

Ceremonial room at Acsauhaya Psilocybin Retreat near Amsterdam, Netherlands
Ceremonial room.

The purpose of our ceremonies includes:

  • Expansion of consciousness
  • Reaching other life perspectives
  • Understanding of your life situation, yourself, people around you, life itself
  • Release of trauma, depression, and fear
  • Self-love
  • Self-confidence
  • Personal development
  • Spiritual growth
  • Self-reflection
  • Heart opening (connecting with emotions)
  • Forgiveness (yourself and/or others)
  • Connection with yourself and the world

Music during the ceremony at Acsauhaya Psilocybin Retreat near Amsterdam, Netherlands
Ceremonial music.

Our psilocybin (Magic Truffles) is transformed into a warm tea so that you are able to easily digest them and have a profound journey. The tea will be prepared by our team in a respectful and lovely way, as we feel honored to work with this sacred plant medicine.

Psilocybin truffles at Acsauhaya Psilocybin Retreat near Amsterdam, Netherlands
Magic Truffles.


The integration already starts during the retreat by having 1 on 1 talks and group sharings. We give a lot of time and space to connect, reflect, and share our experiences and recommendations. Moreover, we send every participant a integration toolkit after the retreat, which includes further detailed recommendations, meditation courses, and inspiring book titles.

Free video calls are offered from our side as well, so additional time and space for integrational talks are possible. You are also able to join a private group where our participants are able to connect with each other and with us.


Guest room at Acsauhaya Psilocybin Retreat near Amsterdam, Netherlands
Guest room.

  • Shared rooms with a maximum of 2-3 people (males and females are housed separately)
  • Washrooms available
  • Renovated dutch farmhouse (many wooden and natural elements)
  • Located in nature, so that you have a silent and natural view (next to a forest)
  • Guests are housed in our farmhouse (main building)
  • Huge garden incl. a pool to swim
  • Lots of space for nature walks between psilocybin ceremonies

Guest Room at Acsauhaya Psilocybin Retreat near Amsterdam, Netherlands
Guest Accommodations.


It would be great if you arrive between 11am and 12 o'clock (noon) at our retreat center.

1 PM: After connecting with all participants and with our lovely team we'll have a healthy vegetarian meal all together.

2 PM: Our ceremony leader will have intention talks with every participant separately, to clarify last-minute questions, to connect, and to get a feeling about your intention and life topics.

3 PM: We will sit all together in a circle and will give detailed explanations about the whole journey, the weekend and what you could expect within your inner experience. We will also share useful tips and tools on breathing, body awareness, intention, and reflection.

4 PM: Start of Psilocybin ceremony in our traditional tent (called Yurt) in our garden. Each participant can share his intention before drinking the Psilocybin (truffle) tea. After lighting your personal candle in a beautiful lotus flower you are able to sit on a meditation seat or lay on a comfortable mattress.

Our professional musicians will play live music so that you are guided from universal vibrations into your inner self. Grounding and cleaning scents (palo santo, agua de florida) are used so that you are in a loving and positive atmosphere.

Our Yurt has heating and air conditioning as well to give you a comfortable and cozy space.

9 PM: A healthy vegetarian dinner is prepared and we spend some time together to ground and to share.

9 AM: Healthy vegetarian breakfast

10 AM: Group sharing and integration

1 PM: Vegetarian and healthy meal

3 PM: Second Psilocybin (truffle) ceremony

8-9 PM: Healthy vegetarian dinner

9 AM: Healthy vegetarian breakfast

10 AM: Closing sharing circle

12 PM: Check Out


Which costs are included in the retreat price?

  • Psilocybin ceremonies
  • Meals
  • Accommodations

Which costs are excluded from the retreat price?

  • Flights to The Netherlands
  • Transportation from the airport (Schiphol Amsterdam or Düsseldorf, Germany)


What is your cancellation and refund policy?

– Up to 6 weeks prior to the retreat, you can apply for a full refund. In the case of a refund a EUR 75,- administration fee will be deducted.

– Between 6 to 2 weeks prior to the retreat, we offer the possibility to reschedule to a different date, in which case a EUR 75,- administration fee will be charged. In case of full cancellation, payments will not be refundable.

– Within 2 weeks prior to the retreat, payments will not be refundable and no rescheduling can be accepted, as it is difficult for us to fill the spot on such short notice.

We recommend buying travel cancellation insurance, just in case you are spontaneously not able to join your retreat.

What procedures do you have in place to manage medical emergencies?

Our retreat has medical staff on-site, all staff receive first aid training and we keep first aid material on hand. The closest medical center is Slingeland Hospital, located in Doetinchem.


You can send your enquiry via the form below.

Acsauhaya 3 Day Ayahuasca Retreat
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