Psilocybe cubensis Gulf Coast Magic Mushrooms

Gulf Coast Magic Mushrooms

Gulf Coast Magic Mushrooms: Background

Gulf Coast Magic Mushrooms (Psilocybe cubensis Gulf Coast), sometimes known as Treasure Coast Magic Mushrooms, originated in the gulf coast area of Western Florida. Gulf Coast cubensis grows easily in the environment, with spores easily spread and a preferred habitat of heat and humidity that is ever-present in that area.

This strain is considered to be relatively quite potent, with consumers reporting intense visual effects and a spiritual or mystical state of consciousness. This magic mushroom strain was popularized by a man named Mr. G, a famous mycologist in the underground ‘shroom world.

Psilocybe Cubensis Gulf Coast Magic Mushroom stems are white, thickening towards their base, with caps that are off-brown and yellow-tinged; they are fairly pale. They often have a dark spot in the center of the cap.

Gulf Coast Magic Mushrooms: Habitat

It’s native habitat is off the gulf coast in Florida, where It was first found growing in bovine and equine dung and soils which were filled with nutrition. It is a wild growing cubensis that grows along ocean bordering states such as Texas, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, its spores easily travel through birds, farm animals and wind.

Gulf Coast Magic Mushrooms: Taxonomy/Naming



Species Name


Sub Species

Common Name

Gulf Coast, Treasure Coast

Gulf Coast Magic Mushrooms: Physical Description


Caps range from yellowish to light brown in colouration, with smaller fruiting bodies. 


Spore Print



White, curved and slender stems that thicken at the base; Stems often grow close to 20" inches in length in bigger substrates.

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