Pf Redspore Magic Mushrooms

Pf Redspore Magic Mushrooms

Pf Redspore magic mushroom: Background

Pf Redspore magic mushroom is an isolated mutation of Pf Classic gets its name from the unique colouration of its rust coloured gills (lamella) and spores.  

A moderately aggressive colonizer, this species produces broad, bell-shaped caps which flatten upon maturity and range from caramel to brown in colour and white, cylindrical stems (stipes) of moderate thickness. Pf redspore is regarded as possessing high potency, with emphasis on the bodily effects, even potentially resulting in partial paralysis.

Pf Redspore magic mushroom: Habitat

Pf Redspore magic mushroom: Taxonomy/Naming



Species Name


Sub Species

Pf Redspore

Common Name

Pf Redspore magic mushroom

Pf Redspore magic mushroom: Physical Description


Broad, bell-shaped caps that flatten when maturity and range in color from caramel to brown.


Rust colored

Spore Print


Rust colored


White cylindrical stems of moderate thickness.

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