oak ridge magic mushrooms

Oak Ridge Magic Mushrooms

Oak Ridge Magic Mushrooms: Background

Oak Ridge magic mushrooms are known as aggressive colonizers, and easy to cultivate due to its resistance to contamination, this species was found growing near a nuclear power plant just outside of Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

The stems (stipes) are tall and slender, with  orange-brown caps, which may become discoloured upon maturity even though sporulation is moderate.  The potency of this species is regarded as above average, eliciting mental and bodily sensations, euphoria, and visual stimulation.

Oak Ridge Magic Mushrooms: Habitat

Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

Oak Ridge Magic Mushrooms: Taxonomy/Naming



Species Name


Sub Species

Common Name

Oak Ridge magic mushrooms

Oak Ridge Magic Mushrooms: Physical Description


The pilei are orange-brown, which may become discoloured upon maturity.


Spore Print



The stipes are tall and slender.

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