Nua Muang Magic Mushrooms

Nua Muang Magic Mushrooms

Nua Muang: Background

Nua Muang magic mushrooms were first discovered on one of Thailand’s many islands in the Andaman sea, Koh Samui. There it was found growing on top of livestock dung. Odd that it has been named Nua Muang, which is in practically the other side of the country, in the northeast. Nua Muang cubensis has characteristics and impacts that are similar to other regional cousins. It grows and fruits extensively, it grows in fairly large bunches and patches, and it typically appears as light brown in color. Its stems tend to be thicker than most. And its experiences are said to be more mind-centered than body-centered.

You can learn more about magic mushroom anatomy by reading Frshminds “Psilocybin Mushroom Anatomy 101” article.

Nua Muang: Habitat

Nua Muang: Taxonomy/Naming



Species Name


Sub Species

Nua Muang

Common Name

Nua Muang: Physical Description


Caps are not very big, up to 1.5 cms. When wet, they become translucent (light can pass through them).


Gills range from light orangy-brown to dark chocolate color.

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Typically around 5 cm long by 2 cm thick. Light yellow in color. The stem is wider at its base then at its apex. It does have a ring but only when it is immature.

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