Pluteus phaeocyanopus Magic Mushrooms

Pluteus phaeocyanopus Magic Mushrooms

Pluteus phaeocyanopus: Background

Pluteus phaeocyanopus magic mushrooms were originally collected from San Fransisco in 1966 and assigned the name Pluteus cyanopus by American mycologist Harry D. Thiers. However, more recent examinations show that it differs from that species, prompting authors Andrew Minnis and Walter Sundberg to describe it as a new species and assign it it’s current name in 2010.

Pluteus phaeocyanopus: Habitat

Pluteus phaeocyanopus magic mushrooms have only been collected in California, where it grows solitary or in large groups on decaying oak wood.

Pluteus phaeocyanopus: Taxonomy/Naming



Species Name


Sub Species


Common Name

Pluteus phaeocyanopus: Physical Description


The cap is small and brown.


Gills are not attached to the stem, pallid, fragile, and thin. Spacing ranges from close to somewhat distant and are interspaced with shorter gills (lamellulae).

Spore Print



Stem is slender, cylindrical and pallid becoming grey-blue towards the base.

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