Pluteus americanus Magic Mushrooms

Pluteus americanus Magic Mushrooms

Pluteus americanus: Background

Pluteus americanus magic mushrooms were originally collected in the midwest in the US and have subsequently been found in eastern parts of Russia. They are typically seen growing on hard wood in the wild, like on Populus trees. They typically grow from early summer through early autumn, when they are best harvested.

Pluteus americanus: Habitat

Pluteus americanus: Taxonomy/Naming



Species Name


Sub Species


Common Name

Pluteus americanus: Physical Description


Up to 6 cm wide. A dark cap center. The color is brown to grey, often darker towards the center, occasionally staining blue. The cap gets noticeably lighter as it gets more dry.


The gills are very 'crowded' with activity. As they grow, they migrate from white to pink.

Spore Print


Spores range from pinkish to brownish.


Up to 7 cm tall and half a cm thick; the width of the cylinder is more or less the same from the base to the top; generally white, though there are grey, green and blue highlights. It does not feature a ring.

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