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Panaeolus affinis Magic Mushrooms

Panaeolus affinis: Background

Panaeolus affinis magic mushrooms were first described by E. Horak in 1980 and had it’s named changed from Copelandia affinis in 1996.

Panaeolus affinis: Habitat

Panaeolus affinis magic mushrooms originate from Papua New Guinea. It can be found growing in soil between leaf litter and occasionally on rotting wood, making it unique from the other dung-growing species in this genus.

Panaeolus affinis: Taxonomy/Naming



Species Name


Sub Species


Common Name

Panaeolus affinis: Physical Description


Caps are small and hemispherical when young becoming convex or rounded with maturity. Gray brown in colour with blueish staining


Gills are attached to the stem and grey to pale brown with a distinct olive tone and white edges.

Spore Print

Dark grey to black


Dark grey to black, it's spores are longer than Panaeolus lentisporus which help distinguish the two.


Stems are cylindrical and slender, notably fragile. They are white to pale-grey in colour and stain blueish with handling.

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