Inocybe haemacta Magic Mushrooms

Inocybe haemacta Magic Mushrooms

Inocybe haemacta: Background

Inocybe haemacta magic mushrooms are weakly psychoactive, and consumption is not advised due to most species in the Inocybe genus containing muscarine.

Inocybe haemacta: Habitat

Inocybe haemacta magic mushrooms are widespread throughout Europe but rare in the Netherlands and British Isles, this mushroom can be found in clay soils on plains, or in debris-plentiful soils underneath deciduous woods with oaks and beeches.

Inocybe haemacta: Taxonomy/Naming



Species Name


Sub Species


Common Name

Inocybe haemacta: Physical Description


Conic when young expanding to broadly convex and nearly planar. Pale brown with incurved edges that lift during maturity, and sometimes possesses no umbo. Staining is greenish towards the center.


Narrowly attached to the stem to nearly free. Grayish brown in colour becoming reddish-brown with sporulation.

Spore Print

Dull grey-brown



Stem is slender, cylindrical, and forms a partial veil. White to bright pink towards the cap when young and becoming grey-green to nearly black towards the base with age.

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