Ketamine Clinics

Pacific Mind Health

Ketamine Clinics
320 Pine Ave Suite 609 Long Beach, CA 90802
Pacific Mind Health

At Pacific Mind Health,  an experienced provider of ketamine therapy in Long Beach, our goal is the use of modern evidence-based treatments for a wide variety of mental health problems and substance use disorders with an emphasis on a whole-person wellness. We offer both traditional and new approaches to mood disorders, including pharmacologic and therapy-based treatment guided by the principal of quality of life improvement and patient satisfaction.

We want mental healthcare to be accessible to anyone who needs it, without adding additional hassle. Since our inception, we have offered telemedicine video appointments that allow you to be seen from the comfort of your home. It’s easy, convenient, and makes continuity of care easier than ever.

We offer our patients comprehensive treatment plans that are a multi-modal, providing psychiatric evaluations, ketamine infusions, Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS), ADHD testing, EMDR intensives, and a range of talk therapies for all types of diagnoses.

We are currently welcoming new patients to our practice, so if you are looking for alternatives for ketamine therapy in Long Beach, please contact us.

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