Ketamine Clinics

EQNMT Ketamine Urban Wellness Program - Boston

Ketamine Clinics
Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts, United States

EQNMT’s Ketamine Urban Wellness Program in Boston, Massachusetts, wants you to discover. Discover a world with the limits you’ve imposed on yourself. Discover your true self. Discover the person you seek to become.

Offering Ketamine-Assisted-Therapy in-person in the Boston area, EQNMT brings well-trained practitioners to your total mind and body care. Enjoy a profound experience, often leading to a feeling of complete restoration, right here in Boston over a four week period. Witness your mastery of your Mental, Physical, Emotional and Relational self:
Mental Mastery
  • Four Ketamine-Assisted-Therapy sessions in our impressive facility

  • Four workshops with our team of established Clinical Psychologists, focused on tactics to manage your thoughts

  • Four preparation sessions, in-person in a group setting

  • Four integration sessions in a group setting (sessions are approximately 2 hours) 

  • A 5:1 ratio of Participants to Clinical Psychologists, ensuring your personal attention and care 

Physical Mastery
  • Four guided strength training sessions

  • Four High-Intensity Training classes

  • Four ‘Zone 2’ Classes

  • Three Workshops and Practicums

  • All delivered by certified trainers

Emotional Mastery
  • Five Yoga classes complete with Meditation sessions

  • Four Sound Baths

  • Twenty sessions focusing on breathwork and exposure to cold
  • Three Workshops and Practicums

  • All delivered by certified yogis

Relational Mastery
  • Four (very fun) Play Workshops with a group of other participants

Why travel thousands of miles and put your life on pause? Our Ketamine Urban Wellness Program can be fit into your schedule and does not require you to ask for vacation! For complete, integrative care at a tremendous value, please reach out to speak with us today!​

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