Ketamine 101

Interested in learning more about ketamine but aren’t sure where to start?  Frshminds’ Ketamine 101 series gets you up to speed and equips you with the knowledge to ask your health care providers the right questions.

Is Ketamine Safe
Ketamine 101

Is Ketamine Safe? What you need to know about it.

Is ketamine safe? If you are of a certain age,  you remember the days when ketamine was a street drug, and it is one of the first questions you are going to ask when your doctor suggests taking ketamine to manage your depression. Ketamine, also known as ‘Special K’ or ‘Vitamin K’, belongs to a […]

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Ketamine Therapy Session
Ketamine 101

Your First Ketamine Therapy Session: What to Expect

If you are old enough, you’ll probably remember ketamine as a street drug or veterinary medicine, but now people are going to start remembering their first ketamine therapy session, as it is becoming a legal but off-label treatment for depression.  While the anticipation of your first ketamine therapy session can seem overwhelming, you can prepare […]

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