Sacred Path


The Sacred Path Psilocybin retreat in Dominical, Costa Rica, invites you on a journey full of personal growth and transformative experiences in order to achieve a deeper connection with the self. Taking place in the stunning 22-acre jungle oasis located near to a private waterfall and equipped with a 5-star organic vegan cuisine and a sloth sanctuary, among others, it is the perfect location for experiencing transformation in a luxurious environment.

By working closely with our team and identifying the challenges and obstacles you may be facing, you will be able to determine whether the retreat suits your needs. With the assistance of traditional practices and cutting-edge scientific knowledge, we will provide the guidance needed for your journey on the Sacred Path during and after the retreat.

The retreat includes immersion in nature, yoga meditations, breathwork sessions and psilocybin ceremonies. These are all curated to help you approach your life in a new and revitalized way, reconnecting with yourself, others, and Mother Earth in new and profound ways.

Additionally, you will have the opportunity to participate whale watching excursions, Blue Clay body masks and a Sacred waterfall experience.

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The accommodations range from 200 year old homes from Bali situated on the cliff of the retreat, geodesic domes and jungalows with bathtubs which look out to an unofficial sloth sanctuary.

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Sacred Path

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