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At Sacred Journey Mexico in Oaxaca, Mexico, run by Sarah Hope Coaching, we offer a range of psilocybin retreats and associated services that help you connect with your inner self and live a more fulfilling life. The Institute provided you with a safe and nurturing environment to explore your spirituality and engage in transformative practices.

We offer programs such as yoga retreats, shamanic journeys, and plant medicine ceremonies, all with a focus on sustainability and respect for the natural world, including eco-friendly lodges and centers that promoted conscious and mindful living and supported sustainability and reduced waste.

At Sarah Hope Coaching, I offer personalized coaching and guidance to improve your mental and emotional wellbeing. My focus on holistic wellness helps you identify and overcome limiting beliefs, develop healthy habits, and cultivate a positive mindset. My coaching sessions included mindfulness practices, breathwork, and meditation techniques, all aimed at promoting self-awareness and self-discovery. We also offer workshops and online courses that provided affordable and accessible resources to improve my mental and emotional health.


Participants and facilitator at Sacred Journey Mexico, a psilocybin retreat in Oaxaca, Mexico
The facilitators and participants

Sing with your soul at Sacred Journey Mexico, a psilocybin retreat in Oaxaca, Mexico
Sing with your soul

Bare foot at Sacred Journey Mexico, a psilocybin retreat in Oaxaca, Mexico
Keep your feet on the ground.


  • Indigenous experience
  • Cultural bridge
  • Nature connection
  • Small group size
  • Working with the true heart of psilocybin ceremony
  • Connection with indigenous history
  • Reciprocity and respect for first nations people

Our Processes

All plant medicines are fresh and naturally occurring on their native land.

Intake and Screening Process

Includes both a written application and face to face interview.

Preparation Process

I meet with each participant individually and we also hold two group meetings. Before the ceremony, we spend three days creating community, sharing meals, and building the group field.


Clients will stay in a beautiful villa just outside the city where they will enjoy locally prepared healthy meals. They will experience a tour of artisan and historic ruins, building a cultural connection to the creative and spiritual expression of the Oaxacan people. We then take a van trip to the cloud forest and village famous for a long history of mushroom ceremony.

We meet there with an indigenous family of healers at their center on the mountainside. We prepare with a cleanse and blessing from the grandmother and move into ceremonies to meet our spirit animals, drumming and dancing, native art therapy, and sweat lodge. The following day we go to a beautiful field and engage in a ceremony with mushrooms fresh from the land, our guides are with us the whole time to guide us through fearful or traumatic memories with skill and care.

Ritual preparation at Sacred Journey Mexico, a psilocybin retreat in Oaxaca, Mexico
Preparation of the ritual materials

When the ceremony is complete, we share a meal at their home and begin our integration meeting.

Ritual at Sacred Journey Mexico, a psilocybin retreat in Oaxaca, Mexico
Ritual process

The August retreat takes us back to the city for a celebratory dinner before participants leave. In the September retreat, we journey on the beach and our villa there for 2 days of integration in the ocean,


Integration begins with our indigenous ceremony and continues for 48 hours while on retreat. In the following weeks, we meet twice as a group to share our experiences and discuss the process of integrating the retreat experiences into their lives and routines.

I am a trained Integration guide and coach as well, so at this point, I make myself available at a discounted rate for participants who want or need to continue their integration process. This is available for as long as it is needed.


  • Villa private or couples’ rooms
  • Usually private bathrooms
  • Accommodations are eco-friendly, culturally rich comfortable but not luxurious.
  • Views are absolutely breathtaking both in the city and in the mountains.
  • Common dining and gathering areas in all locations.
  • The villa in Oaxaca is an artistic gem owned by one of Oaxacas most beloved performers.
  • She has curated a space that truly reflects the Oaxacan experience.
  • In the Mountains we stay in a beautiful eco-friendly off the grid retreat center, each room is lit and heated by it;’s own rustic fireplace.

    Food at Sacred Journey Mexico, a psilocybin retreat in Oaxaca, Mexico
    Perfect fuel

    Participants at Sacred Journey Mexico, a psilocybin retreat in Oaxaca, Mexico
    The participants

    View at Sacred Journey Mexico, a psilocybin retreat in Oaxaca, Mexico
    The view at the retreat


Which costs are included in the retreat price?

  • Accommodation
  • Two meals a day

Which costs are excluded from the retreat price?

  • Airfare and transportation to and from Oaxaca, transportation to retreat villa if flights are outside of designated pick-up time.
  • Snacks and lunches are usually covered by participants.


What is your cancellation and refund policy?

Refunds are not available for deposits, outside of deposit, participants may cancel within 30 days of the scheduled retreat for a refund. Participants will not receive a refund for cancelations less than 30 days before the retreat.

Do you provide transportation to the retreat?

Most often plane to Oaxaca de Juarez airport and taxi to retreat center, from there we have our own private drivers.

What procedures do you have in place to manage medical emergencies?

Staff with first aid training and material
Hospital Del Valle, Clinica Hospital Carmen is the nearest Medical Center located at Oaxaca de Juarez.


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