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Mexico Psychedelic in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico is a healing center with a colonial, postcard backdrop. We believe in psilocybin’s power to bring healing and renewal to anyone dealing with mental health concerns.

Our belief in the vital need for healing means we operate on a donation basis. We want our services to reach and help as many people as possible. We donate 10% of all receipts to support underserved, local communities and to advance global, psychedelic research. By keeping the local intact, we foster global impact.

Psychedelics reconnect us to our true Self. Our true Self is the Soul that flourishes outside the ego. Here suffering does not exist. Noise arising from our conditioning or mental patterns falls silent in this space. Trauma, depression, or anxiety crumble away. Time, form and thought fade away in a liminal space of transformation.

Absent these soul barriers, love and light brilliantly penetrate the heart. Connecting to this realm beyond the time-space continuum heals with incredible power. This nurtures soul level healing. This type of profound healing releases us from the bonds of unconscious trauma, societal conditioning, and ancestral wounds.

Healing occurs at the root, so the tree above may flourish. 

Rio, Founder

The power of individualized care and introspection comes first and foremost. All of our ceremonies and therapeutic programs are one-to-one. You work with experienced, traditional practitioners, who understand your journey. They walk you through the entire process to help maximize your experience. Our setting is like no other. Although close to one of Mexico’s great cities, our setting grants peace, tranquility and safety. Enjoy the chance to explore the colonial heart of Puerto Vallarta. Whether you enjoy shops, cultural attractions, and/or the beach promenade, you have plenty of chances for outside activities. We are a convenient 20 min Uber ride from the airport.


Staff and Founders

Rio: My aim is for people to learn to be their own healers (shamans, curanderos, therapists, etc.). I then assist people in continuing to develop their own personal relationship with the medicine through self-healing. Eventually, they may even be able to carry the medicine into their own families and communities and facilitate healing there.

I’m only one person and my reach as a practitioner can only go so far, but I do trust the medicine and its ability to facilitate healing and to guide others in doing this work. For that reason, getting my clients to establish their own personal relationships with the medicine is key.

It has become the honor of my life to walk alongside those in search of healing and reflect their light back to them in a way that fosters growth, transformation, and transcendence. 


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Mexico Psychedelic

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