MAGUEY: Psychedelic Assisted Self-Discovery

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Maguey Psilocybin Retreat in Amsterdam, The Netherlands is a program that has evolved naturally to support healing and personal development. The program offers consciousness programs tailored to individuals seeking transformation, emphasizing the depth of the process and the provider’s extensive experience. Participants can expect a transformative experience through preparation, ceremony, and integration, along with personalized psychedelic coaching and private psilocybin ceremonies held in a beautiful loft space in central Amsterdam.

While the service is primarily non-residential, participants have the option to arrange their own accommodation or explore other options upon request. Trust, comfort, and resonance with the guide are essential considerations throughout the journey.

Psychedelics are evolving with in the larger healthcare landscape, and we aim to find our place while staying connected to genuine, caring, and quality service. I believe it is crucial for the heart to remain at the center of the service and the general paradigm, ensuring that psychedelic-derived practices do not become solely profit-driven.

Nigel Pedlingham founder at Maguey Psychedelic Assisted Self-Discovery in Amsterdam Netherlands
Nigel Pedlingham, founder

By maintaining a focus on providing transformative experiences and prioritizing the well-being of participants, I aim to find a niche and welcome those who resonate with its offerings.


  • Offer a fully integrated, 6-8 week personalized and one-to-one programme that supports your psychedelic experience through conscious preparation, private ceremony, and integration.

Our Processes

Truffles are legal within the Netherlands and therefore grown and supplied in a controlled environment and though a governed system. This guarantees a level of care and quality. I work with a single supplier.

Intake and Screening Process

  • Discovery Call
  • Screening Questionnaire for clients
  • Review of screening questionnaire
  • Discussion over any flags or issues
  • Decision making

Preparation Process

Meeting one – At the start of our time together we will discuss what has brought you to this point, your background, your intentions, as well as expectations and possible concerns.

Preparation – You will be supported along your journey with remote guidance including undertaking a guided process of self-enquiry, and practical preparation advice.

Meeting Two – One-on-one coaching session where we can reflect on this process and further refine intentions.


Full day private plant medicine ceremony in loft location in central Amsterdam, including:

  • Welcome – settling in, tea drinking and housekeeping.
  • Ceremony – including stating intentions, meditation/breath/energy work and the conscious consumption of your truffles. Working generally with high dose.
Embrace calmness at Maguey Psychedelic Assisted Self-Discovery in Amsterdam Netherlands
Embracing tranquility
  • Journeying – 4-6 hours of your psychedelic journey, where you will travel through different energy flows, levels of personal connection and transformative insight.
  • Landing – time will be allowed for you to land softly and come back down to earth. We will finish the day eating a light meal together,
  • Return to accommodation.

This service is offered as standard on a non-residential basis.


Integration Meeting 1 – The day after ceremony we will come together for a light integration session to check in, gently connect with what occurred, and to reflect on your experience. Weather depending on this will be outside in nature.

Remote integration support – Integration materials provided to provide guidance. Further communications over the following days via text etc. is possible to help.

Integration Meeting 2 – A further integration session will be held 4 weeks later to reflect and connect further with the emerging process.

Further support – further support is as an extra service including coaching, sharing-circles, and workshops etc. are offered.


Ceremonies take place in a beautiful loft space in central Amsterdam. Generally, ceremonies are offered on a non- residential basis. Clients stay in a local hotel or accommodation. Provision can be made to come to a client’s accommodation if needed.

Accommodation at Maguey Psychedelic Assisted Self-Discovery in Amsterdam Netherlands


Which costs are included in the retreat price?

  • Meals
  • All Ceremonies

Which costs are excluded from the retreat price?

  • Accommodation


What is your cancellation and refund policy?

25% non-refundable deposit to kick programme off.
75% balance due two weeks prior to ceremony,

Do you provide transportation to the retreat?

Central Amsterdam – you will stay locally and arrive on foot ideally.

What procedures do you have in place to manage medical emergencies?

We have first aid materials and the nearest Medical Center is OVLG General Hospital East.


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MAGUEY: Psychedelic Assisted Self-Discovery
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