Healing Escapes Foundation 4 Day Psilocybin Retreat

4 Days


The Healing Escapes Foundation invites you to Ocho Rios, Jamaica, for unforgettable 4-day Psilocybin retreats. These can help you to access a new connection to yourself and others and achieve a deep and transformational healing. Located in a private, all-inclusive villa, you will be in a safe and therapeutic setting that allows for the inner peace and contemplation to reach a more expansive state of consciousness. The programs offered are grounded in ancestral practices and teachings and contain mind-altering experiences in a legal, private and tranquil setting.

The retreats are intentionally limited to having eight participants but additionally include one-to-one journeys. By increasing your understanding of yourself and your relationship with others in a wider universal context you will be able to attain a greater spiritual growth and awareness.

Along with the ceremonies, we provide communal and individual integration sessions. Here you will be able to explore and further understand the challenges and comforts of the sensations that arise. By processing these sensations, we will guide you in better understanding how they are related to your self-concept and other perceptions. Integrating these insights will inevitably enhance many aspects of your lifestyle.


Day 1 :


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Healing Escapes Foundation 4 Day Psilocybin Retreat
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