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Guided Mushroom Journeys invites you for life-changing Psilocybin retreats in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. I am Gerry Kayohte, a psychedelic enthusiast with the skills to guide you and be your trip-sitter through a transformational journey. My mission is to hold space for you and support you to unveil and explore your consciousness. By delving deep into the elements of your being, we will unfurl and create a new state of awareness. Furthermore, this will ground you and relieve you of pre-existing distress.

I approach healing very carefully, including a screening procedure and the curation of a tranquil and professional sitting environment. We will first focus on preparation, understanding your needs and ensuring they are conducive to plant medicine teachings. This ensures there is an appropriate connection being made between you and the medicine.

Additionally, I will always be by your side to address the challenges and needs that you might encounter. Finally, after the journey, we will consolidate the experience with integration calls. You can share your experience here, creating an open discussion and pathing the way to a brighter future.

I am in the crone stage of life, having spent considerable time attempting to understand the nature of existence more deeply through human relationships, teachers and mentors, sacred rituals, plant spirit medicines, and trying, as sincerely as possible, to “be here now.” The experience of the psilocybin journey, the time with the “little people,” can show us that, like the mycelial network that travels unseen underneath everything, we are part of each other.

In that sense, I become, in some ways, a part of my client’s journey, along for the ride, so to speak. On that ride, I am both the lion standing guard, protecting my vulnerable client as they are carried forward into the known and unknown territories of the spirit, mind, heart, and physical body, and the lantern bearer shining the light ahead and beckoning with assurance to “step forward; everything will be okay!” I believe and experience that our journeys unfold exactly as they were meant to occur.

I guide individuals, couples, and small groups on immersive psilocybin journeys and support preparation and integration. These journeys primarily take place in my prepared studio.

I recently completed a somatic relational trauma skills certificate course with Albert Wong, PhD, at Somatopia. The training and coursework have significantly benefited me since many clients struggle with past trauma.

Our Processes

I do not relate to the term “psychedelic-assisted therapy” because it does much disservice to plant spirit medicines, which are themselves the teachers and the therapists. Talk-based psychotherapy is beneficial for healing and understanding and can be used alongside psychedelic journeys. However, the problem, as I see it, is that therapy is co-opting plant spirit medicines and essentially disregarding the thousands of years of knowledge and wisdom gained by Indigenous peoples about them. I am not Indigenous, but I know enough from my experience and direct teachings from Indigenous teachers I have sat with that plants are teachers. This concept is poorly understood in contemporary Western culture, which has involved spending a few thousand years taking whatever we want from the earth and calling it ours.

Plants are teachers. We need to find the quiet place where they talk to us. Hopefully, the field of psychotherapy will flip the current psychedelic-assisted therapy model and, instead, use the knowledge gained by studying psychotherapy to assist in the healing relationship between plants/fungi and their clients.

Substance Sourcing

Intake and Screening Process

I think the decision to take a journey is personal, and I never try to convince my clients. I feel that there is unhelpful hyperbole surrounding the current psychedelic movement that builds expectations, distracting from the real need for each of us to take responsibility for our existence and current incarnation in every sense, especially when working with plant/fungi spirit medicine.

Intake begins with screening for psilocybin contraindications. I then follow up with a video call. If the client wishes to move forward, they receive a medical intake form and written support for preparation, the journey, and integration. The journey takes place during the day in my studio.  Then, the client and I have a Zoom chat that allows them to meet me, preview the room where their session will occur, and ask any questions. Doing so helps me gauge whether they are in a good place to embark on a journey.

Preparation Process

How I conduct the session for my client flows from the premise that my role is to facilitate and create a container for a connection between this individual and the medicine. I begin by screening for contraindications, honouring the premise that the client should be in a conducive physical and mental state.

I provide information for my clients to prepare for their journey in the days before their session and the days after. This process is now referred to as “integration.” In my experience, integration can occur over the years.


On the day of the session, I cleanse and clear the room, the client, myself, and the medicine with sage and copal. I make my client feel comfortable in the space. I encourage them to bring personal items, such as photographs or small objects they would like close to them during their journey. And, of course, I recommend they wear comfortable clothes.

Essentially, I want my client to feel safe and to be present during their journey without my intruding into their experience with the medicine. To ensure the ideal environment for the medicine to be effective, I practice ritual acknowledgement through prayer, intention, inclusion, cleansing and clearing with traditional plant medicines.


We have an integration session within one to three weeks of the journey, usually over Zoom. This session is a time for the client to share what has arisen for them in the week/s following their experience.


Which costs are included in the retreat price?

  • A video/phone chat before your journey
  • The journey itself
  • A one-hour integration video/phone session afterwards

Which costs are excluded from the retreat price?

  • Transportation
  • Accommodation


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Guided Mushroom Journeys

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