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Earth Awareness psilocybin retreat in Teuge, the Netherlands, was started by Maya van Oosterhout and Mark Huser after they met working in a smart shop selling magic mushrooms where they were properly introduced into the Western approach into psilocybin. If you are looking for:

  • New personal and professional insights
  • More creativity and flexibility
  • A break from everyday life
  • Guidance on creating a more rewarding life,

Then a private ceremony in the Nature Temple at Earth Awareness psilocybin retreat in Teuge, the Netherlands maybe just what you need

In 2007, we were asked to host some shaman tribes from South America. That’s where a long collaboration with many indiginous shamans from all over the world started. We hosted and assisted in their shamanic ceremonies at our location for about 8 years. The ceremonial setting, was in our eyes the missing ingredient of our Western society, sharing in peace and honesty. This was all so inspiring that we’ve kept on evolving the place until it grew out into a trustworthy psychedelic retreat centre.

Maya van Oosterhout, Co-Founder

In 2012, after 7 years intense training and collaboration with shamans and plant medicine-keepers from all over the world, we started our own psilcobyin mushroom ceremonies. In 2012 we started building the Nature Temple because we felt the calling to offer the most unique psychedelic experience of the Netherlands.

All of our ceremonies occur in the NATURE TEMPLE, a unique, off the grid, experience space is designed for ceremonial use and is the ultimate setting to explore altered states of consciousness. Our centre, which has facilitated ceremony for thousands of people since its founding in 2004, is situated in a unique forest-village and is an exceptional bird paradise. Built using straw, clay and cord-wood construction techniques, the Nature Temple combines a range of building styles, with elements from an earth-ship, a hobbit house and a log cabin.

It is a unique sight to behold.


The Nature Temple is a 1500 sq foot (140 m2 square) structure built out of thick trunks, curly branches, clay, and colored glass.

Front view of nature temple Earth Awareness Psilocybin Retreat in Teuge, Netherlands
View of the Nature Temple from the front.

The building’s geodesic dome measures over 20 feet in diameter.  During the day, sunlight streams in, allowing you to watch the rays of light shine through the surrounding trees.  At night, the dome functions as a portal to the sky through which you can watch the celestial bodies at night.

Outside view of the nature temple at Earth Awareness Psilocybin Retreat in Teuge, Netherlands
Outdoor view of the Nature Temple

The temple is built from more than forty types of wood and each type of wood tells its own story, both physically and symbolically.

The grounds at Earth Awareness Psilocybin Retreat in Teuge, Netherlands
The retreat grounds and building.

Staff and Founders

Maya van Oosterhout and Mark Huser are the creators of the Nature Temple and the Earth Awareness Centre.  They have been working with psychedelics since  2006 and are experienced space-holders and caretakers.  All of our experience is hands-on.


Facilitators at Earth Awareness Psilocybin Retreat in Teuge, Netherlands
The facilitators.

Name: Maya van Oosterhout

Position: Facilitator

Professional History: From the Netherlands, Maya, a mother to 2 grown-up children, provides clients with an empathic and creative approach. She is non-judgmental and provides a supportive attitude to people, making them feel at ease quickly. An accomplished musician, Maya sings enchanting songs and plays various instruments.  Exceptionally knowledgeable in both body and emotional work, she is an incredible positive influencer on sustainable lifestyles.

Maya van Oosterhout, Facilitator at Earth Awareness Psilocybin Retreat in Teuge, Netherlands
Maya van Oosterhout, Facilitator

Name: Mark Huser

Position: Founder

Professional History: Born in the Netherlands, Mark is both the director of Earth Awareness and architect of the Nature Temple.  A multi-talented person with great vision and a proactive attitude, he has an incredible understanding of the use of sacred plants as a tool for transformation.

Mark Huser, facilitator at Earth Awareness Psilocybin Retreat in Teuge, Netherlands.
Mark Huser, facilitator

Our Processes

Intake and Screening Process

  1. After booking, we send you our intake forms within 3 working days.
  2. After receiving your completed form, we set up a call to get to know you better and understand your reasons for attending, and what you hope to get out of the retreat.  For your safety and the safety of others, please inform us about any medical/ psychological conditions.
  3. After we receive your payment, we send you the retreat preparation guidelines and process.

Please be aware that our psilocybin ceremony is meant for people in good mental and physical health and is not meant as a substitute for medical, psychiatric or psychological treatment/care.

Psilocybin mushrooms are not meant to be taken in conjunction with  either anti-depressant or antipsychotic medications, so if you are on these or another kind of medication,  you should consult your doctor before considering a psilocybin ceromony.

Ceremonial Process

View of the inside of the Nature Temple dome at Earth Awareness Psilocybin Retreat in Teuge, Netherlands
View of the inside of the Nature Temple dome.

Inside of the roof at Earth Awareness Psilocybin Retreat in Teuge, Netherlands
Inside the dome


After the ceremony, we follow up with you in about 1 week to do an integration check-up by email.   This offers you the ability to ask us additional questions or share any concerns you have.


Guests sleep in the Nature Temple after their ceremony, as it allows them to gaze at the stars and wake up in the morning.   Each guest is provided with a comfy bed along the outer ring of the space.

While our center is off the grid,  our sanitary facilities are clean and easy to use.


Which costs are included in the retreat price?

  • One (1) psilocybin ceremony with your own personal guide.
  • Personalized intake by mail and telephone
  • Detailed preparation guidelines
  • Vegetarian breakfast & drinks
  • Pick-up and drop-off to/at the nearest train station (Twello)
  • Private room in the Nature Temple
  • Follow-up integration check and aftercare

Which costs are excluded from the retreat price?

  • Airport pick up and drop off
  • Airfare
  • Visa costs
  • Travel Insurance


What is your cancellation and refund policy?

Our cancellation policy is as follows:
– Cancellation is only possible by email.
– Canceling your reservation will include cancelation fees as follows:
— If you cancel within 14 days of the start of the ceremony, we refund 50% of the total price.
— If you cancel within 30 days of the start of the ceremony, we refund 75% of the total price.
— If you cancel within 30+ days of the start of the ceremony, we charge you a 25 euro fee to cover reservation and administration costs.
— If Earth Awareness cancels the ceremony, we refund 100% of your ticket.

We do not refund your travel costs or associated expenses.

You can send your enquiry via the form below.

Earth Awareness

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