Behold Retreats 7 Day 5-MeO-DMT Retreat Portugal

7 Days


Behold Retreats invites you to a 7 Day 5-MeO-DMT retreat in Portugal. Behold Retreats is an entheogen plant medicine-based wellness service that facilitates journeys of self-discovery and transformation to elevate guests to their peak performance and well-being, and to realise substantial improvements to their daily lives. We provide bespoke, holistic programs that incorporate high-end, therapeutic plant medicine retreats in beautiful, safe, and legal locations globally.

Guided by ancient wisdom and modern science, Behold Retreats is launching its services to
introduce guests to the proven benefits of entheogen plant medicine. Designed to elevate each guest to peak performance and wellbeing, each journey is facilitated in idyllic destinations where plant medicine such as Ayahuasca, Psilocybin (mushrooms), or 5-MeO-DMT (Bufo) are legal.

Behold Retreats creates bespoke programs for each person’s individual needs, goals, and preferences.
The programs are holistic and include education, preparation, retreat, and post-integration support with a qualified coach or therapist. In selecting this approach, guests realize the full potential of their experience and, on returning home, are supported to make sustained improvements to the quality of their everyday life.

On retreats in diverse locations such as Costa Rica, the Netherlands, and Mexico, plant medicine facilitators guide guests into a meditative and expanded state of consciousness, ensuring safety and comfort throughout the experience. In this immersive and highly supported context, guests are granted unparalleled access to their subconscious mind- allowing them to navigate within and to receive salient, memorable insights.


  • Safety & Security – Working with Behold Retreats, our clients can be confident that the highest safety standards are being adhered to (e.g. medical staff on hand).
  • End-end service – handholding throughout to ensure an experience that meets their needs (e.g. time available, travel preferences). Takes out a large amount of the effort and uncertainty – provides confidence, convenience.
  • Focus on Education – ensuring prospective clients are adequately informed regarding the variety of plant medicines, the typical experiences, and also the risks involved with participating in a plant medicine retreat.
  • Highly experienced retreat centres / staff - who “know the territory”, and that have experience guiding thousands of guests through their own plant medicine experiences.
  • Integration – providing sufficient integration support (e.g. for 3 months) post-retreat experiences as clients return to their daily lives. This could include weekly check-ups with therapist/counsellor to ensure client is able to meaningfully integrate the experience.
  • Community – connecting people who have been on retreats within a given city.

Our Processes

Ayahuasca: All our medicine guides are either personally involved in the brewing process or source their medicine directly from their Amazonian elders. Most of our medicine comes from Peru, made only with cahkaruna and cappi vine.

Bufo: Sourced wild from the Sonora desert either directly by the medicine guides or their teachers.

Psilocybin: Home-grown or wild-harvested by our medicine guides..

Intake/Screening Process

1. Discovery call
* if a guest is identified as a caution guest ( complex medical situation) >> we book a pre-medical screening >> If the guest passes, a retreat can then be booked
* If a guest is not identified as a caution guest and is believed to be prepared and a conscious choice is being made >> close the sale and retreat is booked
2. A Welcome Email is sent to guests with detailed info and Intake forms for guests to complete
3. The guest is contacted by the allocated Guest Service Team Member
4. The guest books a preparation 1-2-1 video call with a Guest Service Team member. This is their contact person from the moment they book till after the retreat
5. The Medical Team assesses the guest medical intake form and books calls with guests if needed for further clarification
* If a guest is identified with caution (needs more attention), extra calls are booked with the guest to monitor the process, and an extra intake form needs to be filled out 35 days before the retreat


Since guests book a retreat with us they are allocated a designated Guest Service person whose sole responsibility is to guide the guests emotionally and practically on all details of their retreat. They receive a Welcome Pack with all the information on how to prepare – from dieta, clothes, what to expect, retreat schedule and other details.

Once we are at the 14 days before retreat point, we create a WhatsApp group with the guest and facilitation team of that specific retreat. 7 days before retreat we set up a group Zoom call to introduce everyone and answer any questions. We then communicate through the WhatsApp group.


What guests experience during ceremonies is ultimately deeply personal as each guest has his/her own intention and trauma to go through. We guarantee that each guest has time with the facilitation team onsite for a one-to-one conversation to deepen the understanding of their reasons for attending our retreats and establish trust. During the ceremonies, guests can have visions, can purge, cry and even laugh. The facilitation team is there not only to administer the medicine but to guide them through with songs, drumming, breathing exercises and any support the guest might need.


During the preparation period, the guest service team member will work with the guest on establishing daily practices, exercises, and reading material, all with the aim of preparing for their journey. During retreat, we do sharing circles, offer massages, vocal workshops, reiki, art expression, yoga and others, all with the purpose of supporting and initiating the integration process of what they are experiencing not only in their minds and soul but also their bodies. Post retreat, they continue to have access to the WhatsApp group and this is where it’s most active as guests use it to continue the connections they built together. The guest success will reach out and offer a 1-2-1 integration call 1 week after retreat. 1.5 months after we set up a group Zoom call. We then reach out again via email 3, 6 and 12 months after retreat. Informally, guests keep in touch with the facilitation team and their guest service as much or as little as they need.


Rooms are either shared or fully private, on demand.

We work with three main locations. Portugal –; Mexico –; and Costa Rica – This means visitor accommodations vary but they all share a luxurious and comfortable feeling. All locations are nested in nature with the Costa Rica rooms offering views to the sea. All rooms have private bathrooms and the aesthetics are a mix of modern comfort and alignment with naturistic decor to match the surroundings. Guests can be housed in cabins or in rooms that are part of the main building. We distribute the rooms according to guest preference and what we believe are best matches.


Day 1 :

* Arrival
* Welcome tour of the centre and rooms
* Orientation Circle / Opening circle ( details are shared, questions asked etc)
* Dinner
* Guest and facilitators one to one meetings

Day 2 :

* Breakfast
* Guest and facilitators one to one meetings / Massage sessions
* Lunch
* Ceremony Talk
* Plant bath & Ceremony preparation
* Ceremony #1
* After ceremony snacks

Day 3 :

* Breakfast
* Integration activities with horses
* Lunch
* Sharing Circle
* Free time
* Dinner

Day 4 :

* Breakfast
* Integration activities
* Lunch
* Massages / Gentle Yoga sessions
* Ceremony #2
* After ceremony snacks

Day 5 :

* Breakfast
* Sharing circle
* Lunch
* Integration activity
* Ceremony #3
* After ceremony snacks

Day 6 :

* Breakfast
* Art Expression
* Lunch
* Sharing circle
* Nature walk
* Dinner
* Closing ceremony and Integration advice

Day 7 :

* Breakfast
* Closing circle
* Check out and departure

What is your cancellation and refund policy?

We offer guests a cooling off period of 14 days after booking has been done. After that no refunds apply except if a guest is considered not fit by our medical team or by an exterior medical team. We offer credit of 12 months to guests who are not able to attend their retreat dates.

Do you provide transportation to the retreat?

We offer pick up and drop off services to all our guests. Pick up and drop off locations are either at the nearest airport (from the retreat centre) or nearby hotel.

How do you calculate dosage of plant medicine and substances?

Dosage is determined by our medicine guide’s discretion. Decisions around dosage are informed by guest intention, readiness (as perceived by the medicine guide), and bodyweight. Generally speaking, all of our first ceremonies are a low dose to determine the guest’s sensitivity and response to the medicine.


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Behold Retreats 7 Day 5-MeO-DMT Retreat Portugal

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