Ayahuasca Therapy Amsterdam

Located in Zwanenburg, just outside of Amsterdam in the Netherlands, Ayahuasca Therapy Amsterdam is unique because in addition to week long sessions, they also offer visitors short 2 day retreats over weekends. Having worked with various Amazonian sacred medicine for some years now, we have guided hundreds of people.

Ayahuasca Therapy Amsterdam limits groups to eight (8) participants and offers an intimate setting, designed for helping visitors make a deep inner journey.

At Ayahuasca Therapy Amsterdam, we offer:

  • Standard group ceremonies.
  • Private ceremonies for individuals and duos.
  • Musical accompaniment, including live piano, guitar and djembé, during all ceremonies.
  • A robust intake process.

You can send your enquiry via the form below.

Ayahuasca Therapy Amsterdam

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