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The Ayahuasca in Colombia retreat, located in Fredonia, Colombia, offers fixed price retreats for groups of between one (1) and five (5) people, as we know a large group retreat isn’t necessarily for everyone. The retreat was founded by Sam Believ, who started drinking Ayahuasca to get help recover from depression and it was on one of his journeys, the medicine showed him that he had to work with it, helping others, so he started the retreat.

According to Believ, “Psychedelics are natural for humans and every culture used to have their own. Western society lost theirs, and with it, their roots, this is why our society is like headless chicken. Psychedelics offer a connection to earth, to God and different ways to look at things…not to mention their healing capacity. Psychedelics seem to be the only way out of the mental health crisis we are in.”


Located a 60 to 90 minute drive south of Medellin, through the rolling green hills close to El Cinco, Antioquia. The elevated finca sits on 5 hectares of land, providing an expansive view of the green mountainous valley below.

The swimming pool at Ayahuasca in Colombia retreat in Fredonia Colombia.
Keep cool in the pool.

Behind the property, there is also a running river you can explore in your downtime.

Music making at Ayahuasca in Colombia retreat in Fredonia Colombia.
Listen to the music filling the air.

Sitting around the campfire at Ayahuasca in Colombia retreat in Fredonia Colombia.
Sitting around the campfire

Morning Coffee Conversation at Ayahuasca in Colombia retreat in Fredonia Colombia.
Morning coffee at the retreat.

Staff and Founders

Our Taita (also called a shaman), is Taita Gonzalo, an Elder from the Inga Indigenous community in the Putumayo jungle area of the Colombian amazon,  never worked outside of the jungle prior to his work with Ayahuasca in Colombia. Taita Gonzalo comes from a long lineage of traditional medicine people, devoting his life to healing, working with and growing the plants and brewing Ayahuasca.

The support team at Ayahuasca in Colombia provides a supportive space so you can explore your path with Ayahuasca in a comfortable setting.  Our team members, hailing from around the globe, speak Spanish, English, Spanish,Russian and Latvian and have experience working with Ayahuasca.


  • Five (5) Ayahuasca ceremonies, three (3) night ceremonies and two (2) day ceremonies.
  • Taita personally grows, cultivates and cooks medicine from the Colombian amazon.

Our Processes

Intake and Screening Process

Preparation Process


Ceremonies typically take place over three (3) nights and  two (2) daytime ceremonies. During each ceremony, Taita leads and manages the ceremonial process, while our facilitators and support team  assist, guide and support you throughout the process.

During the ceremony, the staff to guest ratio never exceeds 1 to 3.

The ceremonial process at Ayahuasca in Colombia retreat in Fredonia Colombia.
Ceremony participants at a daytime ceremony.

Nighttime Ceremonies:

  • Start between 9 and 10 pm with the servicing of the first cup of Ayahuasca.
  • You time is spent on a comfortable mattress in the ceremonial, allowing you to sit with the medicine, letting the magic start.
  • Live music play through the ceremony as Taitas guides you throughout the experience.
  • Sometimes a second or third cup will be served.
  • Typically end between 2 and 5 in the morning.


Daytime ceremony at Ayahuasca in Colombia
Daytime ceremony around the pool

Daytime Ceremonies:

  • Begin between 7 and 9 in the morning, with the serving of the first cup
  • You can stay within the ceremonial space or wander the grounds while supervised by a team member.
  • Ceremony end between 1 and 3 in the afternoon, with lunch being served after.


Integration Manual at Ayahuasca in Colombia retreat in Fredonia Colombia
Our integration manual.

Plant Sourcing

Calculating Your Dosage of Plant Medicine


We provide guests with accommodation in four (4) shared rooms. Each room contains:

  • A double bed.
  • A single bed.
  • Bunk beds.
  • A bathroom with a shower and toilet.

If you prefer, you can sleep in the ceremonial space.

The swimming pool at Ayahuasca in Colombia retreat in Fredonia Colombia.
The pool is always warm.


Which costs are included in the retreat price?

  • Five (5) ceremonies, three (3) night ceremonies and (2) day ceremonies.
  • One (1) to five (5) guests are included in the price.
  • Transport to/from Poblado, located in central Medellin to the retreat.
  • Highly experienced & Powerful Indigenous elder Taita/Shaman Taita/shaman personally grown, cultivated and cooked medicine from the Colombian amazon
  • Personal support and team available 24hrs per day
  • Daily word circle and group integration
  • Lodging in a shared room, with queen beds for couples
  • Tobacco ceremony
  • Personal spiritual cleansing by Taita
  • Flower baths
  • Breathwork sessions
  • All meals provided, nutritious home-cooked meals sourced from local produce
  • Complimentary bottled water provided throughout the retreat
  • Group activities, including board games, camp fire, sing alongs and more.

Which costs are excluded in the retreat price?

  • Private airport pick up-drop off is not included, but available at a low cost.
  • Air fare


Do you provide transportation to the retreat?

Included in the cost of your retreat is private group transport to and from Poblado in central Medellin.

You can send your enquiry via the form below.

Ayahuasca in Colombia

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