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8 Days

At an ayahuasca retreat with Anam Cara Healing Retreats in Cusco Peru, vulnerability and compassion are encouraged in order to take advantage of the profound transformation catalyzed by Ayahuasca’ powerful healing properties.

An ayahuasca retreat at Anam Cara Healing Retreats complement traditional indigenous plant medicine ceremonies with a trauma-informed, body-based therapeutic approach, and long-term ongoing integration support to help you flourish in the ever-unfolding possibilities of sustainable and lasting transformation. At Anam Cara Healing Retreats we acknowledge that each person’s relationship with plant medicine and healing journey is intimate and highly personal, with an array of different needs.

Anam Cara Healing Retreats Location

Our plant medicine retreat takes place in the Sacred Valley of Cusco, Peru, at an intimate, luxury retreat space located in a secluded environment surrounded by incredible mountains and healing nature. Located on sacred land, our center allows you to embark on your personal plant medicine journey with a family of world-renowned Shipibo Maestros and while exploring the beauty of nature.

The Shipibo Nation

At Anam Cara Healing Retreats , we administer Ayahuasca based on the wisdom, guidance and experiences of Shipibo Curanderos. The Shipibo-are an indigenous people along the Ucayali River in the Amazon rainforest in Peru. The Shipibo culture has deeply shamanic roots, influenced by their devout connection to nature and are one of the oldest carriers of Ayahuasca medicine. Their relationship to the elements, plants, animals, and ecosystem is the foundation for their connection to spirit and access to powerful healing wisdom. While many indigenous tribes make use of Ayahuasca, our approach to care aligns with the Shipibo Lineage’s wisdom and integrity as well as the energy exchanged between patient and healer. 

The Shipibo Ayahuasca medicine ceremonies and rituals retreat visitors experience at Anam Cara are founded in:

  • Tradition and strong integrity,
  • Safety,
  • Intentionality.

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Anam Cara Healing Retreats are all-inclusive events which include:

  • 4 Ayahuasca ceremonies, with Ayahuasca grown, harvested, and brewed by our family of Shipibo maestros in the Amazon jungle of Peru.
  • Daily yoga,
  • Breathwork,
  • Nature hikes, sacred plant baths, integration circles, community activities,
  • A highly experienced facilitation team,
  • All organic meals are included.

Anam Cara Healing Retreats Founders

Neils Poole and Francesca Barone created Anam Cara Healing Retreats to offer plant medicine journeys in a safe, intimate way focusing on each client as an individual and honoring their unique healing path.

Neils has lived in Peru for over a decade, working extensively with Indigenous plant medicine traditions. Having co-founded and facilitated multiple high-end Ayahuasca retreats throughout Latin America, guiding clients through personal plant medicine journeys, Neils incorporates a broad spectrum of trainings in different types of trauma in order to bring transformative and grounded support to the healing spaces he holds.

With training as a naturopath, plant medicine facilitator and holistic nutritionist,  Francesca, who hails from the midwest of the United States, always desired prevent the health and spiritual epidemic she sees going on in the world. A trauma-informed practitioner and student of Dr Gabor Maté’s work specializing in early-developmental trauma, somatic healing, and addiction therapy, Francesca is known for her expertise in plant medicine and shamanic healing, helping clients overcome long standing trauma and emotional imbalances.

The goal of an ayahuasca retreat with Anam Cara Healing Retreats in Cusco Peru is to bridge the worlds of ancestral Amazonian Shamanism with therapeutic techniques grounded in modern psychology. Having walked individual paths of healing while traveling the world and exploring a diverse array of holistic modalities and spiritual teachings, Neils and Francesca’s work weaves together their combined experience to bring each guest a unique, safe, and profoundly transformative journey of reconnecting with the deepest parts of themselves and the healing wisdom of nature.


  • 4 Ayahuasca ceremonies, with Ayahuasca grown, harvested, and brewed by our family of Shipibo maestros in the Amazon jungle of Peru.
  • Comprehensive 1:1 therapeutic counseling and support Facilitation team trained in trauma work, cognitive psychology, somatic healing, naturopathic medicine, and shamanism
  • 3-month preparation and post-retreat integration support and group container
  • Custom plant medicine integration journal



Bedroom at Anam Cara Healing Retreats
Private bedroom at Anam Cara Healing Retreats.

This luxury retreat center offers beautiful rooms all equipped with private bathrooms, hot showers, and beautiful views of the Andes leaving you feeling comfortable in your space and fully supported in diving deep into this immersive medicine experience.




Do you provide transportation to the retreat?

We pick you up as a group in Cusco on day 1 of your retreat and returned on day 8. It is a 75 minute drive to the retreat from Cusco. Our pick up and drop off services is included in the the cost of your retreat.
If your travel plans don’t allow for you to make the group transport option, we can arrange private transport for you at an additional cost.

What is included in the retreat cost?

4 plant medicine ceremonies
Meditation and breathwork classes
Daily yoga
Sacred healing plant baths & steams with Amazonian plants
Transport to and from the airport
All organic meals throughout the retreat
1:1 personalized care, counseling, and facilitation
Multiple workshops, talks, and group circles throughout the retreat to support medical work
1:1 Preparation calls with your facilitators
Virtual group preparation and connection calls
Multiple 1:1 post-retreat integrations calls with your facilitation team
3 months post-retreat
Custom made 100-page plant medicine integration journal


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Anam Cara Healing Retreats

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