Alalaho 5 Day Psilocybin Retreat

5 Days


Alalaho offers safe, legal and supportive Psilocybin-assisted retreats in a rustic, nature-filled atmosphere north of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. We have a unique approach to psychedelics titled “Open and Deepen” which recognizes that while the plants can Open our minds to the possibilities of life, we must also use them to Deepen our understanding of what might be preventing us from experiencing our full selves and potential freedom. These principles embody “Alalaho”, from the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, which stands for a radical openness to experience and to life itself.

Your Alalaho journey begins by submitting an application to the retreat program of your choice. A complimentary exploration call will then be set up for you to meet with a guide and discuss your needs. If a psychedelic journey is the right next step for you, you’ll be able to book your retreat and begin the preparation process where you will receive preparatory materials and suggestions to help ready yourself for your journey, during which you will then be held and supported to re-discover yourself, others, nature and the mystery in the world. After the retreat, a 3-week support program is offered , including weekly group video calls with your fellow participants and a senior facilitator, as well as exercises to help you integrate your insights from the retreat back into your everyday life.

Alalaho offers a number of different retreat formats across their Open and Deepen framework, from Core, a foundational retreat open to all, to more targeted retreats such as the self-explanatory titled: Woman, Men, Leaders and Meditators, to name a few. 

We position ourselves at the intersection of a rich history and tradition of plant medicines and the scientific advancements currently being made in the field of psycho-active crops. Therefore, Alalaho strives to find a balanced, middle path which you can follow as your embark on your journey of self-discovery.

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Alalaho 5 Day Psilocybin Retreat
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