A Whole New High – Maastricht, Netherlands

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A Whole New High in Maastricht, Netherlands makes use of entheogens, which are power plants, psychedelics and substances used to induce ‘non-ordinary’ states of consciousness where we discover ourselves, connect to our inner healer and rewrite the rules of this game called life.

With 10+ years experience in the field, we are Experts in the Field of Consciousness as well as being Integration Therapists and Transformational life mentors. By resetting unseen subconscious patterns which are dictating the unwanted direction of a persons’ life, we catalyse our clients into personal and spiritual growth, while providing tools to positively reprogram the mind while creating new and clear energetic points of manifestation through emotional release.

We introduced the therapeutic use of psilocybin to our programme 1in 2017 after the profound success we experienced in our personal lives through combining psychedelics with the therapeutic tools that we offer our clients. As pioneers in this exciting field, we have now guided 100’s of people from all around the globe through altered states of consciousness, sharing our knowledge, experience, expertise and passion.


A WHOLE NEW HIGH is a whole new perspective on how we perceive, use and administer entheogens – psychedelics, power plants and other drugs used to induce ‘non-ordinary’ states of consciousness.

We are one of the three first Psychedelic Retreat organizers in the Netherlands to start retreats in 2018 and have successfully led hundreds of people through psychedelic journeys. We are trained Trauma Integration Practitioners which means we can go deep into the core root of peoples struggles and aid them in resolving these issues. Many people don’t realise that trauma is actually what is affecting their current state of dissatisfaction with life as we tend to think trauma is some big deep experience that has happened to others but not to us, when in reality we are all affected by childhood trauma regardless of how happy a childhood we had.
Psychedelics bring us into a prime state where these core wounds are more easily accessible. Our experience in this field allows us to help those who work with us to find resolve to their unresolved trauma which is playing out in their lives in all kind of ways, from unhealthy relationship patterns, loneliness, addiction, eating disorders to PTSD, depression, OCD etc and just general unhappiness in life.

The merging of Psilocybin with our style of Trauma Integration Therapy is what really excites us most as it can bring about profound awareness and change. We specialize in:

    • Small groups with a maximum of 8-12 participants. This allows us to create more intimacy between the participants and gives each individual a lot of time to express themselves, share during the integration days.
    • The integration process of the psychedelic experience and dedicate 3 full days to integration exercises. We teach a lot of self-therapeutic tools to our participants so that the integration process can continue when they return home and their process of self-awareness and understanding can flourish.

The Shift Retreat will take place in The Netherlands where Psilocybin truffles are legal. Only a 2 hour train ride away from Amsterdam or a 1 hour ride from Duesseldorf, we find our retreat venue. We have chosen a place of tranquility surrounded by peaceful nature – a location that will guide us to a place of tranquility within ourselves.


We will arrive at 10am, meet and get to know each other. After connection exercises in the morning that create an atmosphere of intimacy and togetherness, we will begin our retreat with helping you choose and refine a clear intention. We will also provide you with different tools to prepare you for the psilocybin journeys ahead, how to navigate them and how to get the most our of them. We will bring emotions into flow and release resistance to our fears. There will be teachings on Micordosing along with an option to Microdose in the morning for those who wish to try it, which also provides a nice introduction to the medicine.
Our first Psilocybin Ceremony will take place in the morning and be unique to each of us. The journey can be about learning about the infinity of the universe, about expanding our consciousness and learning to look at things from a different perspective. It can also be about diving into our pain and looking into the eyes of our fears and unknown patterns and can be about experiencing our joys, our heart, love, loss, beauty, laughter.
We will invite you to participate in some bodywork in the morning as well as a sharing circle where you can share your experience with the group and the facilitators. It is also possible to have this sharing 1-on-1 if this feels more comfortable to you. We then go on to teach tools that will help you to integrate your experience which can also become incredibly valuable tools to use at home in your day to day life.
Our second journey takes place on this day, again in the morning lasting for anywhere from 4 to 6 or 7 hours.
We focus on combining the mystical with the practical by breaking down the wisdom you received in an understandable and relatable way. Together we will create individual action plans for each person on how to create the now wanted changes in our daily lives so that our lives feel congruent with our truth. This day is about providing you with support and concrete steps that you go home with so that you can feel secure and confident in the changes you wish to create and how to actually bring them to life.
Day 6 :
Breakfast and closing circle. The Retreat ends at 10.30am after breakfast and closing circle.
What type of psychedelic therapy do we use?

For Private Ceremonies we only work with Psilocybin and other transformational tools. No other psychedelics.

For retreats we work with Psilocybin as well as collaborating with an Ayahuasca Shaman, where we lead and host the preparation and integration work and she leads the ceremonies.

Can I book a session with you without psychedelics?

In our 1-on-1 mentorship programs we work online with people without the use of psychedelics. We used many different therapeutic practices along with de-conditioning and mindset tools deepening on the person and their intention for the program. We offer both 3 or 6 months containers which consist of 1 session per week every 3 weeks with the 4th week off for integration.

Can I book an integration session with you when I had a psychedelic experience elsewhere?

We are very happy to guide you to implement practical changes into your life after receiving valuable insights from psychedelics or plant medicines. We offer 3 or 6 months containers, a safe space where you have the opportunity to work with us 1 on 1. Containers consist of 1 session per week every 3 weeks with the 4th week off for integration

What is included in the price?

– An online introductory call where we meet and answer your questions.
– An online preparation course with hours of premium content to help you prepare presented by Kerrie & Alice.
– 2 x psilocybin ceremonies.
– 2 x microdosing experiences.
– 5 days of emotional support, deep trauma work, shadow work & play
– 6 nights of luxury accommodation.
– 6 days of vegan/vegetarian food & drinks (gluten free options available).
– 2 x integration day workshops.
– A 40 minute one on one follow up call after the retreat.

What is not included in the price?

– Flight.
– Transportation costs.

Do you have any medical exclusions

We do not accept participants that are prone to psychosis, have schizophrenia, have a bipolar or borderline diagnosis. We do not accept anyone who is currently taking SSRI (participants need to be at least 2 weeks off the SSRI medicine).

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A Whole New High – Maastricht, Netherlands

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