Spore-Labs “Ready-To-Fruit” Mushroom Grow Kit

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Product Details

Are you looking for the absolute fastest and easiest way to get started growing magic mushrooms? If so, the Spores Lab “Ready-To-Fruit” Mushroom Grow Kit is the product for you!

This grow kit contains Psilocybe spawn and our MYCO-PRO fruiting substrate, already mixed and already colonized! It is sold in a 5L container specially designed for mycology, with 0.2 micron filter strips in the lid of the container. It arrives ready for you to introduce to fruiting conditions, and given the proper conditions magic mushrooms should begin to grow within 1-2 weeks of receiving!

All you need to do with this grow kit is leave the growing chamber in an area that has ambient light (or an area that has artificial light for most of the day), have the temperature in that space be between 21 and 24 Celsius, remove the lid twice a day for air exchange, and mist as needed (whenever there is no humidity buildup on the walls/lid of the chamber).

You can expect to yield between 1-2 ounces of dried mushroom from one of these grow kits, over the course of three flushes.

  • Due to the fragile nature of this product, we HIGHLY recommend choosing Purolator Shipping, as Purolator is faster than Canada Post and takes better care of the packages.
  • IF you choose Canada Post Shipping, we cannot offer you a replacement if the product arrives damaged, unviable, or otherwise un-usable.

Spore-Labs “Ready-To-Fruit” Mushroom Grow Kit includes:

  • 1x “Ready-To-Fruit” Grow Kit (container dimensions 180mm x 180mm x 350mm)
  • Instruction Manual (downloadable file after checkout)

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Spore-Labs “Ready-To-Fruit” Mushroom Grow Kit

  1. Amber
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    Best 99 dollars I have ever spent

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