Cuba Cubensis

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Cuba Cubensis a great beginner strain with highly potent effects that can kick in after ingesting as little as a 0.5 grams dose of fresh mushrooms. The potency of these effects could be higher but varies mainly from one person to the other.

Consuming very low doses that range between 0.2-0.5G can cause users to experience a slight increase in energy and creativity without losing their control or visuals.

Low doses of 0.5-1G induce feelings of lightheadedness and of floating on clouds. Ingesting doses between 1G-2G can trigger psychedelic experiences and a body high that prompts giggles and stimulates social interactions.

A 2G-3G dosage induces a classic psychedelic trip that will alter your perception while causing your body and mind to slip gradually out of your control. Higher doses of 3G-4G are for more adventurous users seeking an intense high and trips that are out of this world.

These recommendations of dried mushroom dosages are unique to each individual. You should start with smaller doses!


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