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Ketamine Clinics
26 West Dry Creek Circle Suite 200 Littleton Colorado 80120
Vitalis Denver Ketamine Centers

Vitalis Denver runs ketamine treatment centers in Littleton and Westminster to provide mental wellness care to patients in the Denver area.  Vitalitas Denver strive to bring hope to those suffering from treatment resistant depression, postpartum depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). We were inspired by the tremendous success of ketamine infusions, which have been proven to rapidly decrease – and even reverse – serious depression symptoms, including thoughts of suicide. After researching this novel use of ketamine, a drug we have safely used in clinical practice for decades, we were compelled to make ketamine treatment available to the many individuals and families plagued by debilitating mental health conditions in Colorado.

Vitalitas Denver is one of the country’s leading ketamine depression centers and is committed to providing the best possible medical care by using the latest monitoring and safety equipment in our . If you believe that ketamine infusions might be a viable treatment for your or a loved one’s depression, we would like to help.

About Vitalitas Denver

We are a psychiatric advanced practice nurse and physician anesthesiologists with extensive experience administering ketamine safely in a variety of settings. The clinical research and personal testimonies of close friends and family members who have experienced resolution of their debilitating symptoms through ketamine therapy inspire us to offer this life-changing depression treatment in our community for those for whom traditional modes of therapy have fallen short.

If you live in Denver and need ketamine treatment, please reach out to set up a consultation with one of our experts

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