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Looking for high quality mushroom spore prints, be sure to visit us a Spores 101.

What to make your own spore prints? it is simple, but not easy if you follow these instructions:

  • Prepare a clean material to store the print on.  Typically this is tin foil or paper
  • Using a clean scalpel/knife, cut a mature mushroom cap off at the stem, as near the mushroom gills as possible.
  • Place the mushroom cap on the collection material with the gills pointed down.
  • Place the printing material with the mushroom cap into a sterile container of some kind.
  • Let it the mushroom sit on the surface for 24 hours at room temperature with no air flow or humidity.
  • Remove the mushroom cap from the material, letting the spores dry in the sterile container for additional 24 hours.
  • Store your print by putting it in a ziplock bag, sealed and let it sit in the fridge. You can keep them in any location that is clean, dry, and average temperature, like a file folder in a cabinet
  • Wear gloves at all times and never have animals or outside air exposed in your working area. If you want to have quality prints you have to watch our for contamination.
  •  The best way to make spore prints last is to store them on glass slides in a cool dark place. If you follow these guide lines a properly stored spore print can last years.

Alternatively, you can skip the hassle and buy your mushroom spore prints from Spores 101

Common questions we get about mushroom spore prints at Spores 101:

  • What is a spore print?: A sample of spores from a mushroom. What are mushroom spores: The best way to think about spores is that seeds for fungi and mushrooms. While flowers use pollen and plants use seeds, mushrooms use spores to reproduce. Mushroom drop spores from the caps of the fruiting bodies once they mature
  • What is a spore syringe?: A mixture of sterile water and mushroom spores inside of a syringe.  You use a spore syringe to drop the mixture onto slides for microscopy or for substrate inoculation.
  • What is a live culture?:  The living tissue or mycelium of a mushroom species.  Typically stored in a syringe mixed with sterile water so you can inject it into a substrate for cultivation.
  • Are spores illegal?: A wide variety of mushroom species can be sold and shipped worldwide. While psilocybin producing mushroom species are illegal to cultivate in the USA and Canada, it is not illegal to possess or ship them in most jurisdictions, the exceptions being California, Georgia, and Idaho were it is illegal to possess/import them

You can legally purchase psilocybe cubensis spores and syringes for microscopy research from Spores101, as long as you are 18 years of age and agree to the terms of use and disclaimer at time of ordering. 

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