Sirius Magic Truffleshop

Zwartbroekstraat 35 6041 JL Roermond
Sirius Magic Truffleshop Sirius Magic Truffleshop

Sirius has been selling legal magic truffles (sclerotia) for over 10 years. Magic truffles contain psilocybin and psilocin, natural substances with a mind-altering effect. Users report meaningful and spiritually significant mystical experiences. Our world-famous Freshboxes -11 different ones – contain ready for consumption magic truffles of the highest quality. You can easily order them online in our Magictruffleshop and have them sent to the address you choose, or buy them in one of our physical smartshops. In addition, in our online shop as well as in our physical smartshops, we offer a wide variety of ready-to-grow magic mushroom grow kits and other miscellaneous growing equipment, for growing magic mushrooms yourself at home.

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