Mushroom Spores


Mushroom Spores
Duncan, British Columbia, Canada
Myco Myco

Myco is a vendor of mushroom spores in British Columbia. Myco provide equipment, supplies and guidance to mycology enthusiasts across that country.

If you want to get started cultivating mushrooms from spores, the process for the beginner home cultivator is as follows:

  • Buy a cultivation kit: As a beginner, a kit helps you get things moving and gives you feeling for how mushrooms grow.
  • Purchase spawn: Use spawn from a supplier like Myco to inoculate your own substrate.
  • Inoculation: The process of introducing spores or mycelium culture to a spawn substrate.  This can also refer to injecting spores or a tissue sample onto an agar plate or liquid culture jar.
  • Incubation: Also known as colonization.  This is the time after inoculation but before the mycelium has fully colonized the substrate. Nutritious substrate are susceptible to contamination until the fungi fully colonized it.  Colonization is done in a sterile environment.
  • Fruiting: After substrate colonization, fruiting occurs. Fruit bodies of a fungi are simply the reproductive organ of the greater mushroom. Fruiting chambers provide the correct conditions for the mycelium to grow bodies. Fruiting conditions often include proper amounts light, fresh air, proper humidity, and space for mushrooms to grow.
  • Spore collection: After the fruit body matures, the cap opens in order to drop spores. If you are interested, you can catch and save these spores in several ways but the most common method is by creating a spore print.
    • Creating a spore print: The mushroom cap is removed from the stalk and placed upon a flat sterile collection surface like paper or aluminum foil. These spores can then be used to re-inoculate a new spawn substrate to begin the process again.  Be aware that making your own mushroom cultures and spawn is more complicated as you need:
      • A sterile workplace and
      • A means of sterilizing agar and grain, which requires glove box and a pressure cooker or autoclave.

If you are new to the world of growing, rather than buying mushroom spores from Myco, consider purchasing a grow kit.

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