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Mind Mend

Psilocybin Brands
Vancouver, British Columbia
Mind Mend

Established in Vancouver, Canada by a group of advocates who were fed up with the worsening mental health crisis in Canada.

Pharmaceuticals were failing Canadians. They were ineffective in healing root causes, caused major side-effects, and eventually the original conditions manifested again once tolerance was built. The only difference now is that they were hooked. They knew there had to be a better way.

On the other end of the spectrum they witnessed the incredible and life-altering impact of plant medicines. Not just to relieve conditions like ADD/ADHD, PTSD, depression, anxiety and OCD, but even to boost performance, creativity and general wellbeing.

Amid the growing research and legislation supporting psilocybin benefits for mental health, the founders’ goal was clear when creating Mind Mend™.

Providing the best psilocybin experience starts at the spore.
We work closely with local farmers in Vancouver to produce the highest quality, environmentally-conscious, organic psychedelic mushrooms — no GMOs or pesticides, period!

Our magic buy psilocybin mushrooms are available for convenient consumption as capsules, gummies or tinctures at doses appropriate for both beginners and advanced psychonauts. With delivery across Canada available, simply buy your shrooms online today and experience the wide-reaching benefits of these magical plants.

Canada Grown
How we source mushrooms is extremely important to us since we ingest them into our bodies. For that reason, we choose only the best, sustainably grown in British Columbia, Canada.

All Natural
In order to feel your best you must have the best. This is why we carefully select psilocybin ingredients that connect your mind, body, and soul.

Pesticide Free
Why ruin a good thing? Mind Mend shrooms are grown just like mother nature intended, without pesticides.

We put our heart and soul in the production into our products. Our focus is small batch quality production to make sure we never compromise quality for quantity.

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