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Colorado Ketamine

Ketamine Clinics
3225 International Circle, Suite 100, Colorado Springs, Colorado, 80910, United States
Colorado Ketamine

We are the most experienced mental health based ketamine therapy center in Colorado Springs. We focus on all mental health conditions all the time and offer over 40 years experience doing so. Too often ketamine is provided by those with no background in treating depression, suicide, anxiety, PTSD or OCD. We integrate ketamine treatment with other approaches so that you receive the most comprehensive and effective care available. The future of healing and hope is now.

About Us

Dr. John Fleming is a Board Certified Psychiatrist and a Distinguished Life Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association with over 39 years experience treating psychiatric illnesses.

If you are looking for ketamine therapy in Colorado Springs, do not hesitate to contact Colorado Ketamine for a consultation.

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