Arbor Shrooms

Ann Arbor, Michigan
Arbor Shrooms Arbor Shrooms

Arbor Shrooms is one of the first medicinal mushroom dispensaries in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Founded as a non-profit by Aurora, an Ann Arbor resident, single mother of two and a survivor of domestic abuse, she started growing mushrooms to manage her PTSD and help others such as military veterans.

Being a university town, Ann Arbor’s psychedelic network has been in existence for years, but without connection, most residents have no way to acquire this decriminalized medicine. While some may be able to growing their own medicine, it is simply not an option for some due:

  • Health conditions
  • Housing situations
  • Lease restrictions

Additionally,  Arbor Shrooms, a medicinal mushroom dispensaries in Ann Arbor, Michigan wants to meet the needs of people who are unable to drive and without delivery may not have a way to get their medicine.

Arbor Shrooms’s goals are:

  • Foster the growth of a community,
  • Connecting a network of patients,  mycologists, the farmers and custodians of these sacred medicines.

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