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APS Ketamine - Oak Brook

Ketamine Clinics
1550 Spring Road #308, Oak Brook, Illinois, 60523, United States
APS Ketamine - Oak Brook

Many who suffer from mental illness feel isolated or alone. The number of people who experience mental health issues is staggeringly high. Over half of Americans will be diagnosed with a mental illness or anxiety disorder at some point in their lifetime. Here at APS Ketamine, we offer hope for those who have been unable to find relief from their depression and anxiety disorders through traditional treatments.

About Ketamine

Several key scientific studies have shown IV Ketamine to dramatically reduce symptoms for those who have suffered, sometimes for decades, with depression and anxiety disorders. These key studies include a study from the National Institute of Mental Health Study, as well as a study conducted at Yale University. Ketamine has been used as an anesthetic since the 1960s, and while not yet FDA approved for the treatment of depression, it has been safely used in operating rooms for decades.

About APS Ketamine

At APS Ketamine we have extensive experience in providing IV Ketamine, having been the very first Psychiatric private practice in Illinois to offer this breakthrough treatment. With over 500 infusions in our first two years, we have had the opportunity to help improve quality of life for so many. APS Ketamine has been on the forefront of this new and potentially life changing treatment.

APS Ketamine is a facility focusing exclusively on providing Ketamine infusions in an atmosphere of comfort and calm. Ours was the second outpatient Ketamine clinic established in Illinois and the first one run by a psychiatrist: Abid Nazeer MD who is board-certified in Psychiatry/Neurology as well as in Addiction Medicine. Also, APS Ketamine became an early member of the American Society of Ketamine Physicians. We are the only clinic in the Chicago area to maintain membership in this national organization. Our office has administered over 500 infusions, all in the context of total mental healthcare. Dr. Nazeer is accompanied by a full-time advanced practice nurse and one full time registered nurse, all of whom provide careful monitoring of patients’ vital signs and mental status during and after treatment.

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