How to store shrooms

How To Store Shrooms

Knowing how to store shrooms is important as the longer you keep them, the more the psilocybin becomes oxidized, leading to a loss of potency.

Why Do You Need To Dry Magic Mushrooms

Drying magic mushrooms makes them last much longer; While they do become weaker over time, a good sized dose will still be strong enough for a good trip.

Step 1. Fan Drying Shrooms

Step one in knowing how to store shrooms is to air dry them with a fan until they visibly shrivel due to water loss.  They should now be dry to the touch and will keep for a couple of weeks without rotting.

At this stage your mushrooms will still be surprisingly moist. Even mushrooms that appear to be bone dry can still have as much as 10 percent water content, which will be more than enough to cause rot eventually.

Step 2. Dehydrating Shrooms

You have 3 options to handle the dehydration stage of storing your magic mushrooms, which will extend their storage time up to a year.

Use a food dehydrator: The number  best solution to dry your mushrooms for long-term storage is by using a food dehydrator. With 1.5 to 2 days in a dehydrator, all of the moisture in your shrooms will be completely removed.

Use an oven: Be careful not to use a high heat or you will damage the active compounds. 

Use a desiccant: This will take a large amount to do so, and is a lengthy process.

Step 3. Proper Storage Containers

Failure to store shrooms properly let moisture back into the mushrooms and degrade their quality.  A this stage, you need two items

Masonry jars:  Must be air tight

Silica gel pouches:  When you open the jar, you let a small amount of moisture in.  Additionally, if the jar isn’t completely airtight, moisture seeps in over time. A silica gel pouch will prevent this from being a problem.

Follow these steps if you want to know how to store your shrooms properly.

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