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Lost in the serenity of nature's embrace, where mountains touch the sky and trees whisper ancient tales here at Journey with Jai Psychedelic Retreats in Denver, Colorado
Earth Journeys with Jai offers psychedelic retreats in Denver, Colorado. I am Jai Reese, an experienced, empathetic and inspiring individual who has discovered a passion...
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The Women's Psychedelic Wellness Retreat: Finding Your Purpose & Passion plant medicine retreat in Steamboat Springs, Colorado caters to the woman seeking a safe and...
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Rootfork medicine psilocybin retreat colorado spring
Located in the serene environs of Pike National Forest, RootFork Medicine's Psilocybin Retreat in Colorado Springs offers an immersive, transformative journey towards self-growth. This retreat,...
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Breathwork scenery at Medicinal Mindfulness Psilocybin Retreat in Boulder Colorado
Medicinal Mindfulness Psilocybin Retreat in Boulder, Colorado, stands with pride as one of North America's first legally recognized, psychedelic plant medicine therapy clinics. Founded in...
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Mountain view at Inner Light Dark Retreat in Crestone, Colorado
Inner Light Dark retreat hosts darkness retreats, a unique type of spiritual tradition, in Colorado. Darkness retreats are an ancient, advanced spiritual practice. Individuals enter...
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heather lee medicine woman psilocybin retreats
Medicine Woman Retreats are designed to introduce women and couples to the soul and science of psilocybin experiences through highly personal, discreet, boutique retreats. Our...

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