Dan Barnes

Dan Barnes is a classically trained Ayurvedic Therapist, Perfumero and Amchi Tantric practitioner. He lives in Tarapoto, Peru with his wife who is also a MD and Ayurvedic Specialist where they work at Medicina Del Sol integrating Ayurvedic medicine with Curanderismo, Ayahuasca and Local Plant Medicines. He has sat in Ceremony with many traditions, wisdom keepers, healers, fools, tricksters and Shamaniacs from numerous countries over the last 19 years and draws from these experiences in everything he does. He is also a Photographer, Father, Poet and Freelance Journalist having written for many online Ayurvedic Journals and is the author of the 3 Chapter stream of consciousness fable - Who is Siddha Somanomah?

The Gunas of Ayurveda and Ayahuasca

Ayahuasca and Ayurveda

Sometime around the 5th grade you probably learned about ‘homonyms’ – those coincidental situations where two words either looked the same, or sounded the same, but actually meant entirely different things; flower and flour comes to mind. And for the uninitiated, you may notice that a similar coincidence seems to exist in the world of […]

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Some part of plant medicine preparation for ceremony at Medicina del Sol Ayahuasca Retreat Iquitos Peru

Diet or Dieta? Preparing for an Ayahuasca Journey

If you have spent time preparing for an ayahuasca retreat you’ve probably come across a few terms that look synonymous – a ‘diet’ and a ‘dieta’. While they sound alike, in fact the terms refer to quite different aspects of the medicine work. So what is the difference between an ayahuasca preliminary ‘Diet’ and a […]

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